Hamas claims VICTORY!!!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Damestic89, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. wtf, you call THAT an analogy for what's going on?
  2. not really, but i figured it might resonate with a loopy dutchman such as yourself.
  3. Jesus, even Fump's "ur mum" comment was smarter than that.
    Next retard please.

  5. Not supporting either side in this conflict is aking to seeing Andy Warhol being murdered and saying "Eh, I'm not going to support either side on this one" Srsly WTF?

  6. I think the only option is to forcibly convert all of them to christianity. lol.
  7. Crusades FTW
  8. Yeah, that was the "peacekeeper" option. The problem with current peacekepers on the Lebanese border, for example, is that they are too lightly armed, to few in numbers and they have to wait a UN mandate for 3 weeks to move a stone.
  9. Please explain your edit. Was it intended to be a suitable replacement for a link? Do you believe that Hamas had justification to fire rockets at Israel?
  10. I was going to have a smoke. I smoke blue gauloises cigarettes. And no, nothing justifies firing rockets at one another. I believe both parties are wrong, hence I don't pick a side.
  11. I think you should take the side of the party that is not out for global eradication
  12. I agree that Hamas is wrong for firing rockets at Israel and I agree that Israel is wrong because of the settlements on the West Bank but I don't believe that Israel's incursion into Gaza was wrong.

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