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  1. Cut in front of him? They were almost side by side. I doubt that Hamilton even noticed that he had his team mate by his side.

    Both Hamilton and Massa deserved the penalty. I think that only Sebastian was penalized unfairly.
  2. Hamilton was wrong in the first corner, fair penalty. Massa was wrong on the final series of corners, fair penalty. Bourdais did nothing wrong at all, bullshit penalty.
  3. I agree. They pretty even into the corner and Bourdais gave massa plenty of room. Give Torro Rosso and Bourdais the points the deserve.
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    "Branding the decision to punish Bourdais as 'ridiculous', ITV's James Allen revealed in his post-race commentary that 'the team managers I spoke to after the race all said that FIA race director Charlie Whiting had briefed them in Singapore and again in Fuji that the car exiting the pits has right of way.'"

    Another bullshit ruling by the FIA, and again conveniently unappealable even though they had plenty of time to render it before the end of the race in this case.
  5. MWUHAHAHAHA FCK HAMLOLTON....I will ROFLMAO if he loses the title race again.

    little sh!t
  6. My god, after watching a season like this, I'm starting to miss MS more than ever. The stupidity of the main title contenders is quite shocking, both this year as well as last year. Without a shadow of a doubt, MS would have been a 9x world champion had he stayed.
  7. Hamilton tapped Kimi from behind, unless Kimi fishtailed going in a straight line for no reason.
  8. I guess it was also Massa's fault that Webber pushed him over the blend line
  9. the race was good, more contact is what F1 needs.
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    Don't cars exiting the pits get a blue flag?
  11. I agree, but penalties for all that contact?
  12. There's a blue light at the end of the lane that warns when a car is passing i believe.
  13. Only if they are a lap behind. They aren't allowed to cross the white line though.
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    You clearly weren't watching the same race as the rest of us.

  15. Anyways, you show me a time when someone has been given a penalty for nearly hitting someone and I'll show you a green dog.
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    The tv coverage of the first 2 laps was appallingly bad.
    Didn't show how Lewis went from 3rd to 7th when he went off again at the third corner


    From that I'm guessing the order going into turn 5 was RK, FA, HK, TG(?), NP, FM, LH, KR

    I'd like to see some more onboards if anyone has them.

    Edit - F1.com has some good video now
  17. I don't like Hamilton or McLaren.

    So, ƒuck'em.

  18. i really want Hamilton to win the title this year, and see what the FIA does to rule him out on a technicality.
  20. lewis should have been black flagged <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  21. He's black, thats a technicality.
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    This butt's for you, jagman.

  23. I unfortunately get the ITV broadcast which is a shame because I suspect its James Allen's constant fanboy attitude toward LH that has turned some people off.

    I dont have anything against LH (although his handling of the first corner did help) but for some reason I just find it hard to like him.

    That said, my man Kimi has been pretty useless this year so its all a wash. If FIA wants more ratings, just BRING BACK MONTY!!! Put him in a monster truck.
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  25. Even Hamilton's bosses were unimpressed with his overzealous first lap at Fuji Speedway. "Lewis can sometimes be a bit too fiery," Mercedes' Norbert Haug told the German press.

    McLaren chief Ron Dennis added: "It would have been nice if Lewis had been a little bit more prudent in the first corner."

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