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Discussion in '2001 Hamann 360 Modena' started by ferrariFX, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. the koenig 360 will kill this. this only has 9 home HP and the koenig has 200hp more. koenig is the best ferrari tuner and the best tuner in the first place.
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    Well, as far as I see, the people who go to Hamann just want to make their 360 Modena a car with some more agressive and distinctive looks. The people that go to Koenig want a fast wild and almost deadly ride, and it is completely obvious that the Koenig 360 is much much faster than the Hamann 360.

    If I had the money, I'd install Koneig's turbo kit and Hamann's body kit.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes, id go a Koenig too, judging by the way that they have done the 360, 550 and F50, id definately put my money with them
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    maybe, but i think hamann is better in designing than koenig, no bad words about koenig, don't think i don't like koenig, but this design a lot prettyŽr than the koenig, if you buy a ferrari sheŽs allready fast, i dont think you have to go a lot faster than that......
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    Hamann do have some very impressive and high performance cars. e.g. Hamann Gullwing 911, that is one helluva car. yet Koenig are in it for all performance, speed and power.

    as i've read on a website.. the hamann 360 was only designed as an option to the standard 360 modena from the Ferrari factory. i guartantee with Hamann's tuning skills, they would have a good chance up against the koenig's turbo charged variety of sports cars, if they used the turbo aswell.. people dont really have reasons to not like Hamann, except maybe their cars arent as powerful as others.. wow.. what does it mean...

    you'll end up spending mega bucks on a high performing standard car which u could have for a cheaper price by doing mod's to it yourself. everyone knows that!
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    koenig all the way
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    1. I agree with him 100%.
    2. This is suck a dumb topic!

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