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  1. okay we all know it has the power and straightline accerlation down pat but does this car handle? all that power could easily get hard to handle around the track and i don't think its a drivable car. anyone care to enlighten me?
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    Millions of dollars dont go into producing a supercar that cant handle, think about it.
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    Just because a car is worth a lot of money, doesn't mean it could have awesome handling. Now I love this car, but I HOPE I'm wrong when I say that this car is way too powerful and fast to handle well.
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    High speed and power don't mean bad handling. The way I look at it is that this is not going to be an Enzo rival in the handling department, but it is'nt meant to be a stripped out racer for the road. It will handle well, no car can have this much spent on development fo it not to and the engines been finnished for ages as has the interior design so what have they been spending the last however many months on. Besides it's being tested on variouse race tracks now and thats a good sign when it gets off their test tracks.
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    I didnt say "awsome handling" i said "doesnt mean it wont handle well."

    Just listen to live4speed, i cant be bothered explaining any further.

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