HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

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  1. The large majority of Palestinians want a peaceful settlement AND support attacks against Israel, which as I've explained at length is not the least bit contradictory.
  2. Peace = independant Palestinian country = no jobs in/money or water from Israel = civil war = collapse.
    It's already happening in Gaza (regardless of the last week) after the Hitnatkut.
    Hamas doesn't want that to happen (neither did Arafat).
  3. Hamas is in charge.
  4. Why do you support israel illegal occupation? Are you a jew?

    I think the jews are being arrogant assholes in continuous breach of the international law. If they were not backed by the US, they would finish in one giant oven.
  5. Your last paragraph is backwards. Land that's siezed in a war is given back when the war ends. You don't give it back in the middle of the war.
  6. I already explained why it is contradictory in my last post.
  7. Then don't read it.
  8. Do you build civilian settlements on conquered land in the middle of a "war"?
  9. nah just shut up about this subject and start making good threads.
  10. Don't read it. It's quite simple really.
  11. Palestinian militants have done more than just kidnap an israeli soldier. They've captured and killed two civilians as well. Keep in mind, they did this BEFORE Israel did anything at all.

    And how many militants have died so far?

    The Palestinians have no right to attack anybody. Your whole argument is that you're trying to justify terrorism and the mass killings of Israeli civilians. It's disgusting.
  12. but but but israel is more powerful so they should help palestine.

  13. Your inability to see the wrong in what they do is your downfall. The thing is, you're a complete hypocrite when it comes to US soldiers and some of the messed up things they have done in battle.
  14. People under long-term occupation, whose are constantly being forced off more and more of their land for re-settlement by the invaders, have no right to resist?
  15. Their countries started a war on Israel. Israel took their land. If their original countries of origin would let them back in, they wouldn't give a shit about the "occupation."
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    Yeah, okay. So that poll says that even though these people voted for Hamas, they don't agree with Hamas' position? How can you believe that crap?

    They voted for Hamas because they agree with Hamas. What's the point in elections if you vote for people who don't agree with you? They know Hamas is just a military group who is going to sponsor terrorism in Israel, why would they give Hamas power if they have differing goals that would cause Israeli retaliation?

    That's right, they wouldn't.
  17. "Hopelessly?" They genuinely believe they are going to heaven as somebody who sacrificed their life for their religion. You don't believe that because it certainly doesn't help your argument.
  18. Tell me how many times Israel has done anything without being provoked.

    I'll say it all day, it's a simple cause and effect situation, and it's totally lost on you. Israel doesn't do anything if they aren't attacked first. It's about protection and prevention, not aggression.
  19. No, it wouldn't. You and stewacide need to quit making up "parallel situations" that don't reflect reality.

    Israel was attacked before they took any territory. You all make it sound like Israel was one day like "I want more territory." That couldn't be further from the truth.
  20. When was the last time Israel killed or assisnated a palestinian unprovoked? GOD DAMN IT. It's cause and effect and you're all too stupid to figure it out.

    What's not fair is that the countries where the Palestinians lived before Israel was attacked, are not allowing the Palestinians to go back to those countries. How can you justify that? This whole situation, every step of it, is caused by Israel's neighbors.
  21. So you expect Israel to go into peace talks and stop their war on the Palestinians but you don't expect the Palestinians to stop their terrorism? Why would Israel do that? Of what benefit is that to them?
  22. i hope stew blows himself up somewhere.
  23. Exactly, they want Peace from Isarel, but they want to continue to be able to attack Israel. It's not contradictory, but it's pretty #$%#ed up.
  24. LJFS, you're putting too much effort into this. It won't change much, you know.
  25. Their respective countries have the right to attack Israel whenever they want without any sort of penalty?

    Egypt, Jordan, etc. should have though about this when starting a war on Israel. Like I've said time and time again, if those countries would let their former citizens back into the country, the Palestinians would have a place to live. You still haven't condemed these countries, when Israel at least allows the Palestinians to live there. That's more than can be said for Israel's neighbors.

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