HARDCORE Israel - "free soldier or PM dies"

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  1. Isreal shouldn't exist.
  2. Neither should any other country, but hey they do.
  3. most countries set foot on the land and fight for it...

    israel didn't do that.
  4. This is not hardcore, this is just stupid.
  5. The result is the same: thousands of innocents die, I really can't see the difference then between a beaurocratic takeover or an invasion.

    And oh yeah Isreal HAS fought for its existents, they are doing it right now.
  7. Let them kill each other for all I f*cking care anymore. There is no ending this war.
  8. There is, and the solution is what you just wrote, one of them have to die...

    Grim yet true.
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    yeah, it's not like israel had to fight a war as soon as they declared a state of israel.

  10. I found this whole israeli's are hardcore shit completly retarded, they aren't even a shade better than the palestinians.
  11. The UN should step in and send there some german blue helmets.
  12. why german?
  13. This is where WW3 is going to start. Israel and Palestine. But i'm sure some people will laugh at that comment...
  14. because the jews still shit their pants after 60 years when they hear german shouted at them.
  15. They don't target civilians...
  16. lol
  17. Well the shield of small children around Palestenian soldier does weigh into the statistics of dead civialian. And when they build military installations in hospitals.

    Yes there's loads of Isrealies that are asshats yet they aren't monsteres as some of the Palestenians.
  18. Exactly right.
  19. rriiight... :/

  20. That's what I was thinking...
  23. German/Germans gives everyone the willies...
  25. lol Fump

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