Has the Koenigsegg reached 230mph?

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  2. They never went faster than this 365kph respectively 226 mph.
    240 mph still is the claimed top speed by the manufacturer.
  3. Im pretty sure one was clocked at around 380kmh during the gumball rally in the states, just outside of San Fran.
  4. There´s no proof for that!
    Ratings from different sources vary from 240 to 242, even 245 mph.

    One guy in a Koenigsegg left his fuel cap in a petrol station, which by the time he realised, was some miles back.

    Phoning a friend he was told that a standard VW Beetle cap would fit just as well, so he sought out a VW dealer.

    'Sorry sir, we don't have any in stock,' the salesman said. Panicking, the capaciously-walleted driver glanced at a brand new Beetle on the forecourt and blurted:

    'How much for that, then?'
    '$26,000,' said the salesman, as the Koenigsegg owner reached for his wallet.

    Walking over to the new Beetle, the rich dude took off the fuel cap, put it on his motor, threw the VW's keys back at the dealer and continued with the rally. Possibly the most expensive fuel cap in history.

    While that caused a fair amount of laughter, the car's owner shut everyone up when he overtook a huge convoy at 240mph in Texas. It was so fast his speedo blew up.
  5. I once forgot my oil cap.
  6. It is about as good as the proof that the Dauer 962 went as fast as its claimed speed.
  7. thats a good bedtime story, but no proof stil
  8. thats a good bedtime story, but no proof stil
  9. Take off 10 per cent from the speed reading!
  10. The Dauer 962 Le Mnas Porsche has achieved its top speed of 251.25 mph under the eyes of the Volkswagen test engineers at the test track Ehra-Lessien and the official registration form says 250mph.
  11. So?
  12. He needs justification to his addiction...
  13. dude, noone gives a crap about the dauer...please stop talking about it all the damn time
  14. Wouldn't the enigne not run with the gas cap off, due to all of the necessary built in emission crap involved with the gas tank?
    Or wouldn't this have something similar to an OBDII?
  15. why diesbt koenigsigg just put a little plastic string on the cap, i've seen them on crappy economy cars
  16. They could've made one out of aluminum, haha.
  17. There's no way he went that fast on public roads. The car's quality is pretty sketchy, I'm guessing thats why the speedo broke
  18. the fastest speed recorded in the CC8S is 227mph, and the CCR should go alot faster, possibly beating the Veyron in top speed
  19. Sounds like an imaginative urban legend.

    Speaking of urban legends, did you hear about the man/ape like creature that stalks the unsetteled woodlands of many counties? Some call them Sasquatch, some Chupacabra, I just call him Big Foot. I saw him once!! <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

    I am being a little sarcastic, but I think the idea of him blowing past a bunch of cars on a public road at 240 mph is a little fanciful....plus there is no reason 240 mph should blow his speedo, surely the CC8 has at least 250+ mph on the speedo anyway.
  20. Ill let you know as ill be test driving one in 2 weeks.!
  21. Awesome, will it be the CCR?
  22. surreee

    btw, I bet this guys is bbcstachas2. He likes lamborghini, is full of it, and he typed a perior and and explamation point.
  23. No, he actually owns a Diablo and recently sold his F355.
  24. The Koenigsegg CC8S has reached 242 mph and the picture is proof. Keep in mind the CCR should be faster.
  25. That's no proof

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