Has the Koenigsegg reached 230mph?

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by slapnutz, Dec 6, 2004.

  1. Its the best "proof" posted so far.
  2. proof?
  3. Everyone knows this. Pics and everything. And I think Amenasce knows him.
  4. That doesnt proove anythng.
  5. And the Panda is the fastest road car in production!
  6. Its a photoshop, anyone can print these figures into the image.

    Just think, there must have been a faster car to catch it on the photo, probably a Dauer 962 LM. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  7. In the Gumball Rally movie, the guys Koenigsegg keeps breaking down, I think 2 times during teh movie...not including the time that his speedometer broke (forgot how fast he said he was going)....he was breaking down so much that he hired a crew from a garage to follow him.

    I remember he lost a shitload of oil before the race even started. Then he lost it all again.
  8. You and your fücking Dauer
  9. Ill be driving both most likely. The new CCR (is that it) is actually in customs as we speak, and will be released next Thurs. The guys that built my Porsches for me, are the ones working on the Epa to have them pass emissions in the U.S.

    Also my Diablo was just shipped to California to Sp Engineering. Some of you may know them. They hold the record for the Most Hp all boost Supra, 1,110 rwhp all boost on gas. Maybe we'll see what a Diablo can do with a couple of Turbos or Superchargers.
  10. Umm ... not necessarily.

    There would have been the car with the filmer/photographer
    that may have went at 180 or so and then the Koenigsegg
    aproached at the higher speed and was filmed for a second
    or so ... by the time it need to pass the slower car the
    speed may have been calculated ... *laughs* ok, I need to
    run and grab my calculator ...
  11. I am very familiar with SP Engineering. Your car should be a complete animal with F.I.!!!
  12. Well after all, it does have a modified FORD engine!
  13. are you the dude from beyondthequarter...with the white SV with NOS...?
  14. you are a retard.
    If the car was acutally going 242mph, what car could possibly take a picture like that other than another koenigsegg...that may not sound like a good point but i bet you the car isnt even going aover 150mph in that pic.
  15. Veyron? How fast has that been tested at?
  16. Dauer 962 LeMans is faster then it.
  17. The CCR will break all the records
  18. Yes.
  19. Wht ? who do i know ?
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    ajzahn tells the truth and as far as i know the veyron isn't the fastest world supercar. go to http://www.962lm.com and look at the presentation.
  21. it says the dauer goes 404kmh, but bugatti says that the veyron can go 406kmh
  22. "The Dauer 962 Le Mnas Porsche has achieved its top speed of 251.25 mph under the eyes of the Volkswagen test engineers at the test track Ehra-Lessien and the official registration form says 250mph." from aj zahn who works for dauer
  23. Or the camera car is being passed.
  24. Well the speedo probably broke due to some failure. It's happen on 5th Gear with Tiff when he was testing a TVR, the speedo just decided not to work anymore for him. It's happened on a variety of Jaguar X-Type's as well.

    It is probably a more common problem than most think. But I doubt it's due to him going fast, just the failure of the car.

    The CC8S is unreliable so I wouldn't doubt just a speedometer going out on the thing.

    The guy they're talking about in the Gumball Rally is Arthur Chirkinan, apparently the man owned TWO CC8S'. Originally he ordered one from the factory specifically for the Gumball Rally but it couldn't get to him in time, so he bought another from someone he knew to take over to San Francisco.

    Various problems occured during the treck from San Fran to Miami, besides the speedometer and losing the fuel cap. Apparently there was a overheating issue with the cooling system, a hose broke or something from traveling at high speeds. The clutch was nearly totally burned out through half of the trip.

    Put it this way, Arthur Chirkinan had an entire Autoshop follow him from Las Vegas to Miami to make sure that if the CC8S broke down anymore that they were there as his road-side pit crew to fix it. Which it did break down again.

    And yes he did buy a Volkswagon off a lot just for the fuel cap, that's true. Apparently his fines overall were 10k or 15k, I couldn't remember. And he ended up having his car impounded somewhere north of Miami so he never even finished in the CC8S.
  25. It will not break any handling records.

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