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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by CorksComeback, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. pink floyd? they are this band from the 70s I think, anyway I heard "confortably numb" the other day on the radio and now I like loooooooooooooove pink floyd. have you heard of them and if you have post your favorite song!
  2. Who is this?

  3. Whites are so proud of Pink Floyd. It's like thier god.
  4. they're medcore at best
  5. Yes, they're definitely alright
  6. wtf, whats up with the non blog post...oh wait
  7. COrks? you remembered your old password? so whats gonna happen to MarkL?
  8. do you really have to ask?
  9. I dont HAVE to.
  10. Is this getting back at that dude who'd just discovered DJ Tiesto?
  11. The other day one of the highschool kids I coach thought that Matisyahu wrote "Bohemian Rhapsody". Seriously.
  12. It's a sad day indeed when things like that happen.
  13. i loled @ this thread
  14. I laughed out skid marks when he said it.
  15. Deep Purple has sold more albums than Pink Floyd over the years
  16. Pink Floyd is shit.
  17. Dark Side of the Moon is the best album they ever have made
  18. What are you doing in misc?
  19. so matisyahu didn't do bohemian rhaspody?
  20. i've never heard of pink floyd..

    were they ever popular?
  21. Oh yeah! They make movies about schools and walls and hammers and omg omg

    edit: however, Wish You Were Here is my fav album I think
  22. do they?

    Are they affiliated with organizations about construction and education?

    sounds kind of lame.
  23. This homo guy called Floyd wasn't all that pleased he got a band named after him
  24. i wouldn't be either if some construction education band did that to me.

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