Have you ever moved city/country

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  1. You can sail the 7 seas!!
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  2. I've lived in Calgary, Vancouver, and Kingston. But I've only lived as an adult in Kingston and Calgary, and both mostly as a student where my lifestyle and the culture is basically the same. I'll be moving to Edmonton pretty soon, and I expect it to be once again quite familiar.
  3. I'd totally move to NYC if I could.
  4. I've lived in NZ, 'murica, Canada and France.
    It's fun. I throughly enjoyed it all.
    Makes it really hard staying in one place though.
  5. I'm disappointed that you never met up with hemi to discuss watches and fountain pens.
  6. hemi was too busy shoving baguettes up son cul
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  7. Tell us of Pittsburgh. Is it livable?
  8. Five months after I moved there was a water alert. We couldn't drink or bathe because there were parasites in the water.
    Also the food blows and the weather is how I would imagine Finland to be.
    Everyday I am also reminded that I am walking across the school chordate went to.
  9. Oh, my sweet summer child.
  10. There are places with eternally mild weather, like northern Chile.
  11. Most of Western Europe as well.
  12. Not like this...

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  13. The Mediterranean definition of "mild" isn't +8°C and a drizzle.
  14. Oh my.

    Why don't you move back to AZ?
  15. What is perkele definition of mild? -10c?
  16. Our Mediterranean climate isn't mild enough for my taste. The summers are way too hot.
  17. That's pretty regular winter weather. Summer mild would be +15-ish I guess.
  18. I'm disappointed, but happy to be alive.
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    i just imagine him turning up in the full cowboy. Stetson, chaps and spurs. The lot.

    Smoking a Marlboro, he notices you approaching and greets you with a hearty "Howdy, partner!", blasting his dual S&W500s into the air like Yosemite Sam.

    He pulls you in for a firm hug and whispers "this is for the screaming chicken!" as he plunges his Gerber MKII into your epiglottis.

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  20. a man who is willing to kill for the screaming chicken? my god, a hero
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  21. "howdy partner" with a heavy french accent. "heuwdy partneur"
  22. French, with a heavy German influence.
    And just a subtle 5 o'clock Hitler stubble graze, as he kisses your forehead while whispering "gute Nacht süsser Prinz"
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  23. Moved to South Korea in mid-2013 aaaaaand yeah. It's been a nice time so far.
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  24. I'd really like to visit South Korea. It's a little far and expensive, though.

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