Heffner Ford GT Sets Standing Mile Record

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    Heffner Ford GT Sets >>266.93 MPH


    The bright yellow Heffner Twin-Turbo Ford GT set a standing-mile record with an insane 266.93 MPH pass during this weekend's Exotics Rally Miami One Mile. Yeah... 1,900 HP and 41 pounds of boost will do that

    here's a little dispute about the time given the same GT ran 249.7 MPH at The Texas Mile a few weeks ago, but the car was then only running 26 pounds of boost. If the vehicle makes a claimed 40 RWHP gain with each pound of boost the record seems achievable at an insane 41 pounds with more than 1,900 HP.

    We've got no doubt they'll try again at this fall's Texas Mile and It'll be exciting to watch this car go faster and faster right up to the point they blow up the engine or travel through time.
  2. seal it up, take it to the salts, search out 500kmh
  3. My thoughts excatly!

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