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  1. Lately, I feel like this site is like a Ghost Town. It's pretty sad seeing this once lively site and now the activity is weekly at the most! We need some more attention! We should start executing these future plans on the thread a long time ago! I really like the ideas about the article (photo gallery, quizzes, articles ect).
    On another note could I get some feedback for some of my photo's I took last week (It's also taken with a point and shoot to which is rather surprising for me to think about). I also have a website too, www.svtphotography.com check them out on your freetime ;)
  2. Lately? You mean the past 7 years?
  3. A few people came back when the forum was updated. It asymptoted back to regular traffic afterwards. As a new member, you probably thought that was normal traffic levels, but really this website's traffic probably peaked back in like, 2005.
  4. upload_2016-11-24_20-59-2.png

    Is it me that you are looking for ?
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  6. ever seen the videoclip ? he's literally stalking a bling girl. That guy's a creeper.
  7. But that hair though.........
  8. There are only a handful of people I still recognize.
  9. do i look the same
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