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    This kind of style, I think it is 90's alternative? What are some popular songs of that time? I already know nirvana and whatnot. I listened to a lot of heavy metal at that time.

    Everclear - Father of mine
  2. Everclear? Bleh.

    Kind of in between shitty and acceptable.

    I guess some similar from that time would be:
    Tripping Daisy
    Third Eye Blind
    Spin Doctors
  3. Third Eye Blind, self titled. Solid album.
  4. Any songs? I am going to make a mix cd. plzthx
  5. bleh... just look up any damn song on "Buzz Ballads". it's all that same late 90's stuff. Eve6, Dishwalla, Third Eye Blind...
  6. Runaway train never comin' baaaaack

    Runaway on a ONE WAY TRAAAACK
  7. "how's it going to be" "jumper" "semi charmed life"

    Those are the 3 big ones from that album... but there's plenty better on there.
  8. Laaaaaaaaast dance with mary jane

    One more time to kill the payyyyeeeaainnnnn
  9. YOU
    stop that
  10. Allll that she wants, is anotha baby

    She's gone tomorrow boy

    Allll that she wants, is anotha babyyy, e-ayyeahuh
  11. El Bumpo. I got those songs downloaded. I need like 8 more
  12. Deftones-Digital Bath
  13. Everyone says Third Eye Blind. Probably the most generic band of the 90s.

    Here's some more:
    Better Than Ezra
    Goo Goo Dolls
  14. Ugh, that whole era of music creeps me out for some reason.


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