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  1. I know there are a lot of people on this site that know a shit load more than i do, so i heard that mitsubishi is bringing back the 3000gt to the States, and toyota is bringin back the supra, IS THIS TRUE? could you please reply and tell me if these rumors are true?
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    As far as I know, only rumors. Lately I run into a question about which car would people like to see in production again and these two were in the list. But this is everything I've heard about this, sorry.
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    im not too sure about the 3000gt but toyota is thinking about bring back the supra to the U.S. but this will not be until 2004. but it does get me excited.
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    well i know someone who works for mitsubishi, this person is in a mid range position, no where high up and he surprised me when he said that mitsubishi is having major plans under cover to bring back the GTO the actual JAPANESE version and that there is a concept model currently being made with around 500 HP i almost creamed my pants when i heard that one!!!
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    I bet if Toyota does good in Formula One they will without a doubt bring us all a very special Supra or something that would do to the Supra what the F1 did to the XJ220. What happened when Honda kicked ass in Formula One with McLaren in the 80's? NSX! Think what might happen if Toyota impresses in Formula One. I feel like a little kid on the day before Christmas.

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