Henessey's reliability?

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  1. I'm not trying to diss on this car at all, but I've just heard bad things about its reliability....after all, it is a twin turbo 800hp beast. I've heard from someone that owners have actually sued Henessey for really bad reliability problems. But then again, it's just rumors I've heard. So, anyone know any valid sources about this car's reliability?

    You can supe up any car, but reliabilty becomes an important issue. Yes, I've heard of 1000hp skylines, vipers, porsches, etc....but I don't think those cars last very long without LOTS of maintainence and repair. Just a thought, since reliability is just as important in racing as performance. There has to be a balance.

    There are many many cars out there with crazy hp numbers, but reliability is what separates the pros from the amateur tuners.

    So where does this car stand?


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    Every twin turbo viper by hennessey does Not void the original drive train warranty.
    Meaning, hennessey's twin turbo vipers come with 3year/36,000 warranties.
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    then if its not reliable u can chuck it back into Dodges garage.
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    It should be. for the hennessey venom 800tt, the turbos run at a Very Mild 6psi. (and with the stock v10 488ci block, there is NO Turbo Lag).

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    reliability is an issure on any heavily modded car. although theres only 6-8 psi of boost (lets juss say 7), thats 50% more stress on the engine. normally you get 1atm of pressure into an engine (14.7 psi), and +7 more is 50% more pressure, and becuase the compression ratio is not lowered, that is quite a bit more stress than usual. vipers also were not made to handle turbos, like the skyline and supra engine were. i would think reliability would be a big issue on this car. thats why im debating whether turboing my car is a good idea or not :/ (i still want it tho :p)
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    Hennessey has done everything to ensure the 800tt is relaible and meets HIS 3year/36000 warranty (same as stock viper)

    The 800tt runs at a mild 6psi, and hennessey Did lower the compression ratio to deal with that from 9.7:1 (stock viper) down to 9.0:1
    There isn't much stress on the engine, plus because it's 488ci, there is NO turbo lag.

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    reliability is not one of the most concerned issues if i owned a dodge viper , i think trying to earn enough to buy new rear tires is the real issue
  9. Henessey also stole his customers
  10. Henessey also stole his customers
  11. Henessey also stole his customers

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