Here's an Idea: Reintroductions?

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  1. I'm Mark, I'm 23, been on-and-off here since 13ish? I drive a 2012 Subaru Impreza. I work as a consulting engineer in Toronto, I like lifting stuff, music, automatic watches, and eating butt.
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  2. Oh ****, new forum

    I'm not a mod anymore?
  3. New site, who dis?
  4. I'm Chris.
    I'm 32.
    I'm rude.
    I live out of a suitcase.
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  5. Steve, 32, joined as a high schooler back in 01, followed the forum transition to Facebook a number of years back -oh that was unofficial? anyway, boring dad stuff now. case in point: traded in the Gen Coupe on Saturday for a new Outback. 6-cyl at least, yay.
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  6. What was your profession? Journalism? Photography?

    Edit: To Xfurr
  7. I'm a hippo from Lake Tanganyika. I spend my time mainly chillin out in the water and crushing things. Occasionally I spray feces to mark my territory, floss with a crocodile or kill a negro.
  8. Chris Vetters here. I joined back in 2000 when I was 36 and just moved to Baltimore from Seattle. I became a mod here soon after to help clean up the indie forums. I used to have a shop building custom cars and doing restorations/bodywork on sports cars and race cars after apprenticing at a vintage car restoration shop when I was in my teens. Got both my legs badly burned in a race car fire back in '92 and switched to computer graphics and 3D animation. Now I do architectural visualization for the government, as well as run the drawing and design database and AutoCAD contract for Social Security's facility management group (we manage 1800 buildings nationwide). Been married since 2001, with a stepson who's now a nuke tech on a fast attack sub.
  9. my name is Chris. I joined this site at the age of 21. I spend my time traveling around the world painting those little signs on bathroom doors to tell you who goes where. looking forward to the massive amount of work I'm about to get into in the united states.
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  10. hello, i'm Patrick. i think i joined in the early 2000's, during high school. stopped posting for a little bit when i joined the Marines. Gave up after buying my first e30. did classified things in the Marines, got another e30. deployed for some time, came back and bought my e36, broke up with a long-time girlfriend, a short time later had a Marine i was in charge of commit suicide. got out of the Marines. tried college for a year (fall, spring, summer), ran into some financial issues, ended up deploying for another year. came back and got my shit straight and started really working in IT.

    now i'm 29, currently working as a sysadmin for a consulting firm for eejit customers who think software should be free. got a good girlfriend whom i met while going to college. got an awesome corgi mix who brighten's everyone's day. live in the silicon valley with 944444turbr0. i daily an e90 M3 and still have the e36 M3 racecar that needs more of my time than i have. i've been hiking almost every weekend and love to backpack in the mountains when not trying to get the racecar running/at the track.
  11. are you still with kitsune?
  12. nope
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  13. My name is also Patrick. I joined early 2000's, I think I was in middle school(!). I am 26 now, live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and manage work injuries and accident safety for a medium sized truck company. I drive a 2012 Mazdaspeed3. I enjoy working out, running/biking, reading, the outdoors, and still enjoy the occasional sprinted driving.
  14. we should all post pics too!

    edit remember when 'i dont have a cam' was a valid excuse on why you couldnt show a stranger on the internet what you looked like? how time has changed since scnet started
  15. re
    you live WITH 944 turbo? like in the same place?
  16. I just remembered that I met adrian, ben and amy
    thats 944turbo fordracing and kitsune
    holy shit weve been on this website a long time
  17. yup, though he does crash at his parents on occasion when working out that way. we've been roommates for something like two years now actually.
  18. I
    I work in film, specifically the IT side of big production motion capture.
  19. Was that when I was there or another time?

    Still trying to figure out who you are.
  20. This is crazy, for some reason.
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  21. It's only a matter of time until your job sends you to Atlanta.

    I'll be waiting.
  22. Yeah but do you guys have wifi? Wheres the closest starbucks
  23. My name is Nathaniel. I like to dance.
  24. yup, i'm not a sysadmin because of the title lol
  25. I can't wait for the Ludacris: Drty Souf movie

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