Hey, isn't the LHC supposed to end the world soon?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Jay2002WS6, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. When should I clear my schedule to make room for waking up in Switzerland? Isn't it soon?
  2. Pretty soon. I'm excited to become ONE with good chocolate and sick watches.
  3. im excited to become ONE with Angelina Jolie and Aston Martins.
  4. They had to push back the turn on date because all their solar-system-destroying ducks weren't in a row.
  5. *insert large hard-on collider joke here*
  7. its going to hit our weak spot for massive damage
  8. That and exploding superconducting supermagnets.
  10. i nearly cried when Dr Vance died
  11. You capitalized 'ONE' as a pun for singularity?
  12. Im pretty sure I killed hm off in original HL
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  15. he always had such a stupid uneducated nigger look on him in the first game.

    i like the morgan freeman wise oldman look of him much more
  16. superexploding
  17. Superexpensive too, as it turns out.
  18. Victoria Beckham needs to get on top of me. Right now.
  19. lets be serious, shes only hot at certain angles
  20. From that angle, most definitely.
  21. anus in the air spread eagle urinating on self angle
  22. You will be seeing her from all possible angles at once pretty soon.
  23. I like you
  24. hey i like you too
  25. thank you science

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