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  1. How's it going? How's work on the site been? Any updates you can share with us on what things you're excited about, what you've been messing with, any unexpected speedbumps you've come across after the last, what, probably 10+ years of neglected code? What's the first change we might notice on the user's end?

    What were your favorite cars growing up? What would be one of your dream cars now? Do you drive anything interesting at the moment?

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    I bet he took one look at this place after buying it and thought "what the #$%# have I done?"

    I think his original posts in the dead thread said 3 weeks until change over, but yeah.

    EDIT 30/04/16: eating my words right now.
  3. You know, I think we got trolled
  4. I suppose it doesn't take thát much effort to set up an instagram and a twitter etc in order to troll, but there's an entire website with a link to this forum on it that, over the course of a week or so did see some development, as well it being linked to the facebook group that we were all already attached to.

    I still have a bit of hope.
  5. pwned

    <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  6. Yeah. You would imagine if there were any interest in the site beyond a monetary one, there would be more communication and involvement than there has been to this point. Oh well, hope he makes his $; more power to him.
  7. Still the same news from Nov. 19th on the front page. Yeah, lots of changes from this "new" admin is showing.
  8. Well he did say he wasn't very hands-on.
  9. did we get trolled lol
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  12. it may be over guys
  13. Welp, here we are.
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  14. I like how we still have the premium forums. I think those can be deleted.
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  15. Well, it looks different but thankfully the pictures I've posted on my premium forums are still there (it's about the only photo hosting site that my work doesn't block, so I use it quite a bit).
  16. Best Avatar Ever.

    I'm actually annoyed I didn't think of it. I think I need a change from James May.
  17. no way.
  18. Agreed. This place is rarely blocked by firewalls and whatnot, and the premium forums are good places to host images!
  19. I never got my own forum when I got premium :( :mad:
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    You're not good at SEO.

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