Hey Yurops/Murricans

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by webber f1 racer, Dec 31, 2014.

  1. How are those snow storms going? Keep them balls warm
  2. brb off to the beach lol
  3. i slept naked last night
  4. I'm a Merican. What's snow?
  5. New Zealand beach lol.
  6. i haven't seen snow yet
  7. We got glazed with ice last night. Fun times.
  8. i have the flu, like i get every year from dealing with the billion+ people that insist on shopping in december
  9. Taking a vacation on the gulf coast in 15 days.

    Brb off to the beach
  10. I've gotten snow once this winter where I am. must say I'm enjoying this winter
  11. We're going to get some snow up in some mountains next week. And a bunch of rains over here.
  12. Snowed for a few hours late on boxing day. 4 or 5 inches. finally finished melting yesterday.
  13. omg snow in england.

    global warming!
  14. Winter used to be colder here than it is these days. Usually our winter is just more wet than usual.

    Either that or it snows in March. Snow is December is a novelty.
  15. There's a major storm coming.
  16. -28c here!
  17. lol just awful
  18. It snowed for like 30 microseconds in San Diego. It prompted every witless scumbag to take their brooding offspring on their annual pilgramage to the mountains to clog up the roads and screw up everyone's day.
  19. Yesterday it was 44.4c for me
  20. They're going to block all the main roads to Jerusalem beforehand so that nobody gets stuck there in the snow. Interesting solution.
  21. Revolting.

    Ugh I need to visit NZ. Where abouts is that?
  22. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=abel+tasman+national+park

  23. Southern Pacific. But not the Tahiti-y bits.

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