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  1. I live in an old building with piping hot radiators. It was 20F with snow on the ground but I still had to crack the window when I opened up.
  2. The storm is here and the way home from work is going to suck.
  3. Have a fun with your snakes and spiders and whatever animals that will kill you in the most painful way possible.
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  5. lol nope!
  6. Have a fun with your maoris that will kill you in the most painful way possible.
  7. Have a fun with your petrol swinging abos asking for loose change
  8. Man the white man is terrible lol
  9. terribly good at taking over brown peoples countries lol
  10. OK the heat in my building is acceptable, it dips down but not too low before turning back on. What's not cool is the hot water running out by 2pm on these ice cold days, I want to take my hot shower at 3pm dammit. Today I set my alarm early and got in the shower by 2:20, I was steaming up the bathroom when I first turned the shower on, 5 minutes later as I'm finishing up washing my balls, the water turns ice cold. I got the last hot shower in the building.
  11. Can't you get electric water heaters? We have them in every apartment.
  12. Electric water heaters? That's like 3rd world.
  13. perfect for the US
  14. When I was staying in La Paz, Bolivia, the hotel had no central water heating system. Instead, every shower had an electric heating unit built into the showerhead. The #$%#er electrocuted me when I tried to adjust it.
  15. i wouldn;t know

    it's 68f
  16. snow? whats that?
  17. the best way to heat is with either geothermal shit or steam w/ propane/natural gas.
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  19. Quit being a pussy. Shower in icy gatorade after your hard-earned victory.
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  21. We have timers so that there's warm water whenever we want. But yeah, it takes between 10 (spring/fall) to 30 (like, right now during winter) to have enough warm water for a shower.
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  23. I don't understand what you're saying. We turn the heater on for 30 minutes and there's enough warm water for two showers, easily.
  24. Well that is just shit. I don't turn anything on, and there is enough hot water is 100 showers at anytime I want. The water pressure will pop the pimples on your back if you turn the shower up. In the UK they have electric showers, they are rubbish, no water pressure, its like someone is dribbling weak piss on your back.
  25. The water pressure is fine here.

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