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  1. gtfo ****
  2. Hi all
    Just thought I would say hi. I hope I can contribute to the forum. I like to think I'm an enthusiast and not just a total fanboy. I've owned American, German, and Japanese cars and I try to do all my own work. Well, thats a little about me. Hope to hear from you guys later.
  3. hint:

    try to not be discouraged by the blatant idiocy. once you get to know this place it's not bad.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I've looked around the site for a while so I think I know a little about some of the users, but thanks again for the heads up.
  5. oh and for some reason everyone thinks it's cool and funny to be a huge troll, so take everything with great big handfuls of salt
  6. Topless better provide pics to prove that s/he is infact topless

    If topless ever comes back. They never usually come back <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    I feel so alone
  7. I'm afraid you would be disappointed if I post pics, since I'm a guy. Topless is because I own an 03' Honda S2000, and I've really loved my first roadster experience.
  8. Post car pix naow plz
  9. Sorry I know these are sort of lame. They are from the dealership I bought the car from. I haven't had my car that long and I don't have my own camera to fix this problem. I hope these loaded properly
  10. AP1 S200) FTW

    I like
  11. Thanks, I'm partial to the AP1 in America too. Something about 9,000rpm...its just better. Plus I got the car with an intake so it sounds good when I want it to. I was actually suprised that I could even afford this car. First car I've owned that doesn't need work and is actually fun to drive.
  12. they're great machines - you'll undoubtedly come across F20C haters a plenty around here just try to not let them drag you down to their level of ignorance. lol

  13. Yeah I will keep that in mind. I havent met anyone, who appreciates a good handling car, that has driven this car and didn't have good things to say about it. Most of the negative things I have heard are about how it has no torque and old men saying its too noisy for them.
  14. yeah the torque argument is one that pops up a lot. lol. just try to steer clear of the flame wars unless you really really want to go at it. haha

  15. So I've noticed that this site is missing something, or maybe I've missed it. There doesn't seem to be a forum dedicated to automotive care and products. Basically, a detailing forum. I'm sure there should be people out there that know about that kind of stuff, and I've always been somewhat in the dark about it. I don't know which products are good and what the proper techniques are for things like clay barring and polishing.

    Just a thought that I thought I would throw out there.
  16. there isn't a big enough population of genuine car guys on here to warrant something like that - mostly idiots armchair racing
  17. Luke got an armchair? But he didn't show me any HD pics!!1!

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