Hi im kinda new here...

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Mr Putin, May 15, 2010.

  1. name's Sandy, sup?
  2. My baskng days are long gone...
  3. hey #$%#
  4. Still around loser?
  5. You're not new.
  6. Want me to post the true facts about AMGrulz?

    Income 18k
    Rental Income 6k
    etc etc

    Dude dont take it personally, just so you know i never hated you or anyone else on this site, it was all just for laughs.
  7. Hello pleasant meet new Russia friend!
  8. Just so you know, no one was laughing with you - they were laughing AT you. And you're not the best SC.net has or had at either spamming or trolling. Perhaps you should sink back into the cesspool you came from.
  9. I thought he was funny
  10. Instead of laughing at me i think you should have a look at yourself in the mirror. I did and became and much better and happier person, although i still have ways to go, i hope you do the same for your sake.

    Laughing at another person's misfortune won't help you with your issues.
  11. "Firered drinks Urine" accounts were the best.
  12. But it feels so damn good...
  13. walperstyle coming back was the limit.
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  15. 02-10-00 NEVAH FORGET

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