Hi my name is Danno

Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by bbcstachas2, Oct 2, 2004.

  1. Welcome to jackass!
  2. Holy shit you're an idiot.

    "But he started it!!!"
  3. Holy shit this is my forum now! shut up or leave
  4. No.
  5. Fine im not going to argue with a child like you.
  6. That doesnt even make sense
  7. It just shows how he #$%#d up and started something that can get himself banned!
  8. Stop Posting please.
  9. Then dont bug me! and hopefuly people would fallow.
  10. What is fallow
  11. You forgot this ??????? its not a question its another way to argue.
  12. this is the first thread ever made especially for me.

    i feel so proud.
  13. Hell man you can make your own talk show on this site like i have!.
  14. WTF???? a talk show on an internet forum???

    no you havent made your own talk show here, and even if you did make a talk show, the only reason people would watch it is to convince themselves that you are in fact, the stupidest person here.
  15. All i do is wait to see if someone makes a topic about me then i tell them whats up! most of them are wrong about me anyways i just try and tell them "if your any better than me then why to you keep argueing?"
  16. [email protected][email protected]!!!!

    oh, please stop posting. it hurts to laugh so much.

    never let it be said that idiots dont make the best entertainment.
  17. There are many other people on this site with a problem and they think they are slick so they get there friends to help them post. If im the stupidest person here thats your opinoin about me im not going to reply to that but when people come here to argue with me thats when this get outrageuos!
  18. its hard not to argue with someone who thinks they know everything but in reality they know nothing.
  19. Then people with there dominace issues trying to have more power than others.
  20. do you realise how stupid that line is??

    and you keep saying it too.
  21. You will notice that only dumbasses get insulted on this site.
    ie you, doyle etc.

    BTW its DOMINANCE. Not DOMINACE, DOMINATACE or any other #$%#ed up variation you can come up with.
  22. Well you just proved what you are turely fighting for! i knew you had that issue so stop argueing. You just proved to me that you just wanna be Dominate over other people on the net.
  23. Just because im not American doesnt give you morons the right to declare dominance on everything around the world including people.
  24. HAHA!!!!!

    thanks for another great quote worthy post.
  25. well i think my work here has been done.

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