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  1. i definitely do
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  3. I don't know, was he the one with the Jump In The Fire EP avatar back then? Though that could've been Speed Demon too.
  4. The amount of times I often visit here, I feel like a new member again. Don't know why though. Before creating an account, I used to lurk here, and lol at the posts.
  5. sup theimportguy!
  6. Hi again! I came, and left again, and am now back...again, I guess.

    I know this is thread is long dead, but I will answer MooSquad's question...yes...yes I was the one with the Jump In The Fire avatar...at least I'm pretty sure I had an avatar like that.
  7. Domokum.
  8. Donkey Kong.
  9. man ur smart
  10. Hi there! I'm a newbie here. I'm a article author of life, love, goals, politics, news, health, and other interesting things. I find this site interesting and informative and I know I'll enjoy it here as well as learn more to widen my views.
  11. Ow wow I was like 15-17 in this thread

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