1. Saw this forum, wanted to introduce myself. I love cars and I am happy to join such a nice community of car enthusiasts!! Look forward to talking to you all.
  2. Hey Max, did you have a problem getting on with your old account? There were some issues in the change over, but I may be able to see if I can find the old one
  3. Should have checked the IP before. The real PandaBeat doesn't live in North Carolina!
  4. You are on to me.....
  5. I had no idea Pandabeat lived in North Carolina
  6. I'm not sure, but I think he's back in URGAY, after a few years in Panama.

    EDIT: FB profile confirms Montevideo
  7. IP says murica
  8. Yeah, this guy isn't panda
  9. Hi, nice to meet you all. I loves cars very much that is why I am here.
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  10. Welcome to the forum :)

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