Hit & Run can you help identify these two cars?

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    I feel sorry for the 78 year old man in this video, and his family. He is now paralized from the neck down.

    Youll see what I am talking about. I would love to see this driver caught and punished badly.

    The police are calling the cars "older" models. There is a lot of knowledge between all the members here. After watching the video if anyone here can figure it out more about these cars than what they know I will forward the info to the right people and say it came from Supercars.net if you like.

    model? year? year range?

    We should all see if we can help.
  2. wtf everyone just stands there and cars drive right past...
  3. I know, by looking youd think it was in some rough 3rd world country or something.
  4. WTF even the car on the right that stopped just drives off again..
  5. Harsh punishment for jaywalking. Looks like a chrysler Town and Country slowed down, Hyudai accent missed him, and a Nissan Sentra got him good.
  6. wow, thats unreal that no one did anything at all..#$%#ing yanks.


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