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  1. Well long story short, Ive come back from London to New Zealand and want to get an electrical apprenticeship from this management company. Did some electrical college over here plus the Uk and have a couple years experience plus references and all that. I did a apitude test today and it doesnt look good for me and im kinda down. Supposedly only passed the maths side of it. The guy said i "failed". So yea. Atleast im getting a new car tomorrow which might temporarily make me feel better, its a fair old drive back as im flying down. 1000km for a car. Its a nissan silvia s15
  2. Sucks about the test man. I guess something else is your calling. Sweet though, about the new car!
  3. Yea it looks mint from the pics and vehicle inspection report. Insurance wasnt too bad either. Cant wait to take it for a drive
  4. Where are you picking up the car from?
  5. From ChristChurch to Auckland.
  6. Awesome.

    SH1 from Chch to Blenheim is an awesome road. I had my best drive ever driving up there a few years back when I had my S14. There's no traffic and about 1 cop tops on it at peak times. I sat at about 150 pretty much the whole way from Kaikoura to Blenheim.

    Everywhere North of here SUXXS though, so make the most out of the South Ispand.
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    What time are you picking it up? If you had time I was going to suggest you take the long way 'round Nelson, or just make a side-trip to Hamner Springs, which is amazing at this time of year.

    Ya looks pretty tidy and the kms are good. They're such trouble-free engines. Mine was solid as a rock all the way up to 170k kms when I sold it. Only ever needed a fuel pump.
  9. Ah sweet that sounds good. I arrive around 12.30pm tomorrow. Hopefully do all the inspection/drive/paperwork in reasonable amout of time.
  10. pixcszad of S15 kent

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