Hoe gud est thy ænglisc?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by The Niggar King, Apr 17, 2014.

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  2. Hoe gud est thy ænglisc?

    my out-of-context vocab is crab
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  4. Hoe gud est thy ænglisc?

    3280 on first try (missed one), 3860 on the next attempt. So 3570 average?
  5. Hoe gud est thy ænglisc?

    i know. it just made me feel smart
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    Hoe gud est thy ænglisc?

    I got 3280 by clicking on one wrong answer again, even know though I knew the correct answer. Don't know how I managed that on both tests.

    Tried it again and got 3660.
  7. I didn't use my Kindle to take this quiz, I just meant that I know a lot of definitions because I look up any word I don't know when I'm reading.
  8. I've taken the test about 2 dozen times now and typically score over 3400, as much as 3800, but as low as 2200 because some vocabulary is quite obscure. A particularly volatile test.
  9. Mkay you aren't disqualified. 3900 is seriously impressive, btw.
  10. idk how people on the leaderboard get like 4200. must get an extra harder question for more points or something. this is as good as i could manage
  11. Moribund

    Never heard that before

    Also 4k, nice
  12. You get more points for harder words, so depending on the mix of word difficulties there are more points possible.

    EDIT: After taking the quiz a bunch more times, it's always the same mix, with 4200 as the highest score. You have to click each answer immediately, which means the people with 4200 points are either cheating or lucky.
  13. yeah looks like its an extra 20 points per second. 4200 means you have to answer everything within a second, seems unlikely
  14. 2840

    Didn't know what inebriated or eldritch meant.

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