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Discussion in '2000 Honda S2000' started by MAXUS, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Thats because Candains have the best sense of humour. A lot of the best comedians are Canadian.
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    wow some pretty freaky stuff going on on our roads. I think the reason there are alot of bad asian drivers is because they have moved to whatever countrey it is and dont have to resit there lisence for a certany amount of time even if they have no idea of the rules. I know that in new zealand they wouldent have to resit there lisence for a whole year.
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    Try English with a touch of grammar next time. There are good drivers and there are bad drivers. Period.
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    Im Canadian and I dont drive that bad, and besides that, I think old people should do a 2nd driver liscence test or something
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    i agree,they should do sumthin bout old drivers and not let them drive unless they r healthy. I live in new jersey and some old guy had a stroke while driving on route 4. he drove right into a starbucks and killed another guy that was on a business trip and just emailed his wife on his laptop saying he was gonna be home soon. im sure u heard of that if u live in the area. this kind of stuff happens 2 much.
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    So true, I almost got in an accident 3 times in 1 day and it was a old man that didn't make a complete stop at a stop sign
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    The lady did have the right-of-way. You are suppose to stop if you run out of lane to drive in, not just ram the other drivers out of thier lane. If she had room to change in the lane to the left of her, she should have. You would be at fault for wreckless endangerment for acting like you were going to ram your car into her's.
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    hehehe yeah, but its still pretty funny though!!!!
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    It really doesn't have a connection most of the time whether the driver is 16 or 70. Unless the driver's already as old as Metuselah..
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    Yea my brother was in his 69 el camino SS that we just finished restoring a few months before and he was going about 45mph or so and this jackass in a van pulls out in front of him gets scarred and slams on his breaks stopping the car about 30 feet in front of my brothers car. yea long story short we no longer have that car.....
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    I was driving my friend's Prelude SR towards the Starbucks. (To recall it, hell, that was a one nice souped up car) Out of nowhere, suddenly a stupid group of F*CKING dumbass teens appear all riding in one covertible GOLF. (Not sure if it was Golf or Passat or anything, but it was a Volkswagen)

    They cut in front of me, yelling some slangs that I don't even want to speak myself, and the sh*tty driver put his brake right in front of me just for fun. I immidiately stopped, and the front skirt of the Prelude made a small kiss with the rear bumper of Golf.

    I hate immature suckers driving without responsibilities.
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    Ha ha ha ha... Good shit... Hey wait... I'm Canadian.
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    The guy that wrote this is a #$%#ing idiot. If you don't know how to drive, please, let your S2000 in a garage. Asshole!!!!! You can be very brave with a woman, but i don't know if you can drive so well ass you are saying. Again, #$%#ing asshole!!!!!!
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    im from so-cal but i was driving in northern california through oakland on a busy 4 lane highway and i saw a man in a ford taurus jerk his car totally to a sideways angle and the oncoming semi truck hit him directly in the side and drug the car under the front end of his truck for many yards, there was smoke everywhere from the burning tires and it was the scariest wreck i have seen.
    i saw the news later and it turns out that man in the ford had a heart attack while driving and died later.
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    by the way i think honda s2000 rocks! my neighbor drives a 2000 red model and its pretty sick except she told me she has never driven over 80 miles per hour in it so that pretty much sucks. i drive a tired old 95 saturn and ive gotten it to speeds like 115 which is pretty much max, just imagine the fun to be had in that nice little honda sports car!
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    Yeah, I know what you mean, I've gotten to a max speed (at the redline in fact, didn't want to push it above) of 215km/h (approximately 120mph) in my stock 1990 Civic Si with a 1.6 I-4, the Si is geared for quickest comfortable acceleration possible, so it would be capable of higher top speeds, if they wanted to make it as slow as a cavalier.
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    For the accident, I think it's a shame to take off like that !
    If you are not the cause of the accident or even if you are ; you must go to help the man/woman black white or yellow who's in trouble !

    Man, shame on you, don't think I'm against you but I'm only telling the justice.

    And like says an other one here you could SLOW DOWN !

    "No, I have a supercar...I don't have too! I can take off!"
    The s2000 is a supercar, but it can't just accelerate quickly ! It can brake quickly !
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    Try the brakes next time man.

    And I feel the need to defend old people (mind you I'm only 21). I work as a porter for a chevy dealership, and one of my fellow porters is a guy who's 78 years old. He is one of the best drivers I know, and he has some pretty cool stories, like when he was a smuggler into east germany in post WW2, he has a couple of interesting stories about running from the soviets on the autobahn. Still this guy doesn't drive slow, usually a little over the speed limit.

    And since we are on a rant about bad drivers, what's up with all these freaking people who can't drive on roads that are curvy at all? People need to realize that you don't have to hit the break for every corner, in fact most of the time all you have to do is let off the gas and coast your way into the corner and gas it on the final half if your doing the speed limit, and some of these people are braking for corners that you don't even have to let off the gas for. It's even worse when I see sports cars doing this, I had to pass an idiot in an NSX in my POS nissan pickup that has no suspension cause this guy would ride the brakes for any corner. And also, word to those of you who do this... DON'T HIT THE BRAKES IN THE CORNER! that's how you loose control of the car, if you feel the urge to slow down, you do it when your car is traveling in a straight line, so brake before the corner.
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    "And since we are on a rant about bad drivers, what's up with all these freaking people who can't drive on roads that are curvy at all?"

    I know exactly what you're talking about, the only time a person should use the brakes; is when you're coming to a dead stop, need to stop in an emergency (to avoid someone or something, such as a stray boulder on the road....believe it or not, I've had that happen), are trying to drive as fast as possible on a road, need to shift the weight to the front tires. And that's it, no one should ever need to brake for corners, especially when driving a standard.

    btw - that's called "lift-off throttle steering", and hell, I do that even when I'm going 1.5 times the speed limit, rarely ever using the brake.

    LOL, people like that are a discrace to Honda drivers.

    3 situations when you should brake in a corner though (both of which are after a mistake has been made):

    1)When you enter a corner way too fast and are going to start sliding anyway, then you hit the brakes hard enough to slow you down, but release the moment you feel the weight transferring to the front tires, the resulting release of friction on the tires allows the car to surge forward and tighten the turn radius and preventing the car from sliding at all. Timing for that is critical though, and it should only be done if you know what you are doing, otherwise it could make matters worse.

    2) when you're experiencing understeer and need to transfer weight to the front wheels to get better traction, touch the brakes softly and briefly, without causing them to skid (again too much pressure can make matters worse).

    3) Braking with the left foot (not a result of an error) while stepping on the gas with the right, can be done any time in a corner, and it allows for much faster cornering speeds, but wreaks havoc on the brakes.

    that said - he's correct for 99% of situations.
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    TY <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> I haven't takin any driving courses ever in my life, though I really want to do one of those race car driving courses, this is just stuff I've learned on my own from driving so freaking much. I'm usually in a car at least 7 hours a day, and it's never the same car every time. The only time I have ever lost control was when I was driving a tacoma a little to fast on a rainy day while going around a corner, and I hit an oil slick in the road, I managed to get it back under control, but it's still a little frightening doing something like that in a truck, I would have found it fun in a car, but a truck scares the crap out of me. Oh and one other time when I was in my MR2, I was pulling onto a freeway on ramp and during the turn I hit a big patch of sand (beach was only 20yds away) and got spinning to the point where if I stopped the car from spinning I would have crashed into the curb, so I just kept the throttle to it and pulled a perfect 360 (well almost perfect). I don't ever want to do something like that again unless I'm in a nice clear parking lot where there is nothing for me to hit.
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    wow, that must have ruined ur tires.
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    Well if they were new tires, it could have been a good thing, because with new tires, the traction is generally not at its best until the outer layer of rubber is worn off.

    I know what you're talking about though, I go through tires quite quickly, not because I like to spin the tires often, but because I like to let myself drift often, both on the highway (though I generally drive more for traction on the highway), and on twisty roads. And that really wears down the tires.
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    It didn't ruin my tires cause I was in sand the whole time, it happens at that onramp every winter, people take there trucks out on the beach and come back on to the road there, and all the sand that was in there tires comes off, makes it really easy to spin out, I had forgotten it was there when I used the on ramp though.

    I do go through tires pretty quick though, I think I only got about 5,000 miles out of my old tires, and they were rated for 40,000miles... and I rarely if ever do drifting or anything like that, MR2s just have horrible tire wear, which is made even worse by the fact that you can't rotate the tires on an MR2 cause front and rear wheels are different size.

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