Holy Hell.

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  1. You've neer seen a person die.

    But if by that you meant that it's worse to see an animal die because they have absolutely no way of defending themselves, you have a bit of a point.
  2. That video is disgusting. However, I do not support PETA. Peta kills 2/3 of the animals it takes in and "saves." They feel animals are more important than people and are more than happy killing a beef farmer to save 3 cows.
  3. me too.
  4. Creative. Cynide would be good too.
  5. Not all of PETA is like that; only their wacko members are.
  6. i've seen many people die in videos on the internet, just as this is a video on the internet, but this is alot harder to watch.
  7. Maybe a reenactment of that thing Hannibal did to that one guy with the sedation and brain feeding.

    Also PETA members can be super wacky, and do do a lot of stuff I don't agree with, but they DO try and end stuff like this and for that I give them kudos.

    And yes, I watched numerous beheading videos no problemo ( dont know what that says about me ) but when he was doing that to the coon, and the look in its eyes...and then he skinned it alive. They're helpless.
  8. I know, i just cant help but feel bad for it.

    And what happened in Hannibal there? Never saw that one.
  9. Good god, I'd like to skin that guy alive.
  10. I didn't watch either, but the Nick Berg video and such weren't as bad as this?
  11. this is worse. the beheadings and everything really didnt phase me, but seeing an animal skinned alive is #$%#ed.
  12. I haven't watched this, but Nick Berg was nothing for me. Maybe because the quality was utter shit. I admit, however, that a few years ago I saw a vid of a Russian soldier getting a bowie knife stuck into his throat and pulled out the front, and the quality was quite good. While that wasn't easy to watch by any stretch of the imagination, I managed to do it (though I couldn't get it out of my head for a while). This, however, I just cannot watch. I think I would cry if I had to watch the entire thing.

    Am I a bad person?
  13. I'd stab that guy in the pancreas.
  14. I agree 100%. Humans are the most overpopulated species on the planet.
  15. This justifies another war.
  16. I originally didn't post this because it was PETA made, or anything. A friend of mine had posted a video similar to this from a non-PETA source that showed animals being killed but not as graphically so I wondered if I could find videos like it and get other sources, etc.

    The whole animal still moving AFTER being skinned alive was what got my stomach going, but I watched the whole video because you can't just turn your head on things like this.

    Yes it is true that horrible things happen to humans too, yet you don't see a lot of videos as graphic as this. It's one thing to say what happens, or to read, but to SEE something happening for real is a whole other thing.

    Finally, this video does make my blood boil and I would agree with some kind of eye-for-an-eye justice.
  17. This was very #$%#ed up because he wasn't doing anything fatal, he was keeping it alive while skinning it.

    Nick Burg was #$%#ed up because some sick #$%#ing terrorists cut his throat open while he was alive to make some kind of point. Nick Burg was worse because: he's human, you can hear him groaning and trying to breathe, he was killed for some bullshit ideal. I'd skin them alive before I laid a knife into this bozo.
  18. Does anybody know anything about the reasons for skinning it alive? Why would the animal need to be alive while they skinned it? I mean, couldn't they just bash its head in with a rock beforehand or something? Is there some kind of benefit to skinning it alive?
  19. No, just stupidity. Meanness.
  21. I just can't bring myself to watch it.

    Dogs are loyal and do everything they can to make you happy and treating them like the comments suggest in this video is just horrible. At least with humans we know we are evil but dog's never sin (unless provoked/abused) and are the greatest and most kind hearted animals on Earth.

    Poor doggie. It makes me extremely angry just reading what this video is about.
  22. i've never seen anything fur that looked good. It always looks super-tacky.
  23. Watch it, you can't deny yourslef this. You have to see it and understand how #$%#ed up humanity is and can be.
  24. Humans have become desensitized to violence with other humans. And animals have done nothing to ever deserve that.
  25. I'm in support of a tactical strike to move in and detain these people..

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