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  1. that looks absolutely AMAZING
  2. If you like over styled designs then, yes.
  3. Looks like those aliens on Pitch Black. Very scary.
  4. or if you like the look of an ALMS prototype racer......
  5. This looks nothing like a ALMS car, even if it does use the same chassis.
  6. Awesome. So organic looking. Its different yet still great looking. That's somethiong difficult to achieve.

    Shame it will never make production though.
  7. It's beautiful, that's no mistake. Something to dream about at least.
  8. it looks like the air, only solid
    and with an engine
  9. Concept or not, that car is sexy !!!
  10. i think it looks ridiculously ugly
  11. Taking a look at your avatar ... I think we have very different tastes.
  12. ^^^Agreed =\
  13. All I can say is that it is pretty crazy looking. I don't love it or hate it. It is just very different. The side view looks good except for the very stumpy looking nose (I don't mind stubby tails though).

    I a glad someone is trying something different.
  14. i think it's gorgeous, unlike the rest of the mazda concepts with the same design themes, but i seriously doubt that it can beat an enzo, especially if it's using 100% ethanol or whatever. nothing against the car (the three rotor engine is awesome) but the enzo (especially the fxx) has been so track-tested and tuned that even the furai's highly advanced aerodynamics can't make up for what is probably a less powerful engine and probably less race-bred suspension and chassis. i wouldn't mind one in gun metal though...
  15. It's going to rape
  16. yea rape you.
  17. I think it looks awesome. Not saying it's a beautiful car, it's just very unique in design. Glad they put more pictures up.
  18. chck ur avatar dude. sure T1's fast, but this is better.
  19. his avatar isn't a T1
  20. HAHAHA

    dumb ass
  21. garbage
  22. AWESOME like woah!

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