Honda confirms 'new NSX'

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by V8stangman, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. ^No, it should be a electric car.
  2. They sold well the first couple of years, but by the late 90s it was woefully outclassed by the C5, 911, and Viper all of which had progressed to a new generation.

    Most of the old timers on NSXPrime had sold theirs with the C5 Z06 came out.
  3. the new nsx should come with a 320hp v6 and cost as much as a gtr
  4. less weight, better weight distribution and engine configuration, vTEC,

  5. Will probably be a 5-seater wagon with McPherson struts, automatic transmission and Honda's VTM-4 system
  7. I cant wait to see it, its long overdue
  8. After 10 years what would you rather have a 2001 z06 or a 2001 nsx ?
  10. mullet option; he must mean z06
  11. no way bro
  12. NSX
  13. id take a 90 nsx over an 001 zo6
  14. NSX vs 2011 Z06?

    Id still take an NSX.
    The kid in me wants that drawn out, low slung, Mid engined sports car.
  15. 98 NSX
    So before it went gay
  16. The kid in me really hopes that we can go to toys r us afterwards like I promised
  18. this.
  19. also this.

    in fact any year with pop-ups
  20. *hi-five
  21. Back then there uses to be 20 page flame wars comparisons where the z06 had 'bang for buck' and 'great mileage' and was so much better now nobody wants that plastic shit

  23. I'm glad all the Corvette fanboys are gone, otherwise this thread would of been 20+ pages.
  24. I'm sad that all the entertainment is gone.

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