Hondas are fast?? hahhahaha

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    you know what, your right, i never said i had any racing experience, ive just driven civics and ive driven american cars, shit ive driven integra type r's and that isnt anything special either, i never claim to be any official race winner, i just like arguing with this kid because he thinks that he knows what hes talking about.
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    OK. However you guys aren't going to get anywhere calling each other "kid" and bashing each other's driving experience.
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    when did i try to get everyone to drive a civic with a gsr engine? im the one whos saying everyone should drive what they like, YOU are the person saying everybody should drive a camaro or mustang. so maybe you need to listen to your own advice there.

    "i just like arguing with this kid because he thinks that he knows what hes talking about"

    i have given plenty of facts to support my argument, and all you do is insult me and say "well i drove my girlfriends civic, so i know no civic can ever be fast". so how am i the one who doesnt know what theyre talking about? i told you, if you think i dont know what im talking about, then prove it. we can get on AIM or something so we both know if the other person is looking up answers or if they really know what theyre talking about by how fast they answer.

    "oh and by the way, what exactly do you drive speed demon?"

    i drive an '02 subaru impreza
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    A man with good taste.
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    Oh I'm guessing since you didn't get too specific you drive the pussy 02' Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS with 165 bhp. because anyone that had the WRX would say it. But hey, at least you don't drive a civic.
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    thats right, and i have less invested than the price of a stock 02 z28, i can outrun one my local dragstrips, an auto-x course, a rally course, i have cheaper insurance, i have better visibility, i have better bad weather control, i have more comfort, i get better mileage, my car is more unique, and it looks better (not ANOTHER camaro). but who cares if my pussy car can outdo everything an 02 z28 can do for cheaper, i guess i should have spent more on a "mans" car right?
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    I'd put you and your "man's car" to shame in my '90 Civic SI (of course not in a drag race, but any other form of race involving turns).

    Oh, and the RS is actually better than the WRX because you can get some seriously hardcore performance out of the RS, more so than the WRX, you just have to be willing to invest a bit in performance mods. Hell, I've seen RS's designed for Rally performance with 900hp, over 800lb-ft torque and still completely street legal. The RS is nothing to scoff at (well, maybe the stock version is, though it would still dominate your Camaro in ANY autocross race).
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    see, your finally starting to understand...
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    finally starting nothing, I knew all this before you even knew Subaru existed.

    and I was referring to the Impreza RS btw.
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    yes the honda nsx is, it would smoke whatever you have you probably have a pos chrysler lebaron, from all the repairs you probably made on your camaro. fool grow up and learn cars more you idiotic bastard. by the way honda sold more cars in one year than any american brand maker sold in one year, also honda has more aftermarket parts available for there cars than any other manufacturer. i suggest you immature little pricks grow up before you go and trash honda, honda is ruling the car market now. every kid wants a honda cuz its so easy to make it blow away a car that costed twice the money of your car. and i think you should look at hondas achievements and how honda is more advanced and has a lot more products than any other car manufacturer. one word for you son is growup. you fooL
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    Well my favorite cars are all imports and most of them are italian...I would like to drive 1 of these civics just to see how good they would go....
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    Yea if you want Jap crap go live in China get the hell outta USA. Those peices of shit dont belong in our country. American Muscle lives.
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    oh yea.... and this car looks like my @ss
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    Who would actually want one of these?
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    i agree it looks like a little hot wheels car that my 5 year old brother owns
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    I'll bet it costs just as little too.i wonder what the 1/4 mile times are? would you kno ?
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    Here you go: 2002 Honda Civic Type R
    Technical Specifications:
    Type: Inline-4
    Displacement cu in (cc): 122 (1998)
    Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 200(147) / 7400
    Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: 144(196) / 5900
    Redline at RPM: n.a.
    Brakes & Tires
    Brakes F/R: ABS, vented disc/disc
    Tires F-R: 205/45 R17 W
    Exterior Dimensions & Weight
    Length × Width × Height in: 163 × 66.7 × 56.1
    Weight lb (kg): 2800 (1270)
    Acceleration 0-62 mph s: 6.8
    Top Speed mph (km/h): 146 (235)
    Fuel Economy EPA city/highway mpg (l/100 km): n.a.
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    wow id have to say - better than before...... but still a POS
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    i think it looks like the Honda Insight(hybrid)
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    Another good race is the normally aspirated street legal 427 Zo6 that runs better times than all engine prostock civics. It is funny because they are purpose built non street legal race cars that still run slower times.

    COmparing modified cars to oem cars is pointless. Wow I bought a car for waaaaaay less than you spent ten times your cars value and now mine is faster. I am going to give myself a pat on the back.
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    who here thinks that the civic kind of resembles a testicle? i once saw two hatchbacks to the left and right of a limo, it was pretty funny lookin...but i must admit it was one floppy set of nuts cuz the civics were just draggin' the #$%# along.
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    Nope, but I think I now know what's on your mind 24/7.
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    yeah american muscle cars are the best. i mean come on this is the new century and like no honda cars are running faster then a mach one super CJ or a boss 429 or the old corvettes

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