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  1. alright first off let me say i am not here to say that domestics suck or anything like that. from my standpoint i think any fast car regradless of where it is manufactured deserves respect.

    Now to my idea:

    hondas only have 4-cylinders as everyone here im sure knows. but what would happen if they would take 2 cylidners and sorta melt them together into like a oval or aublong shape? would that not be sorta like a high veving V8? haha if ya'll dont have a clue of what im trying to say its ok. and also if your wondering why im posting this question in the american fourm i've come to relize that most europeans (i myself am itlian) and american car enthuists arent quit as "if its not our type get out" ish, and tend to know more about what there talking about

    thanks for litening
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    Honda has built more than 4-cylinder cars over the years. They've built production cars with V-twins, I-5s and V-6s.
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    Most are now V6s
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    First off, I have to give some credit to FerrariLover4Ever. He has the exact same thoughts I do.

    Well, an oval-shaper cylinder would be just increasing the displacement. Its probably not going to be done, since you can increase bore and stroke and leave it in a cylinder shape. Plus, its much easier to made a circle then an oval. If you take a drill bit and it spins the bit will always drill a circle. Regardless of the weirdness of the bit. Its just more easier to make the circle shape than an oval or something of the sort

    Btw, honda makes bikes, 4 cylinders and v6s. The V6's are usually the higher end packages of a car. The accord and civic offer 4 and 6 cylinders, depending the customers wants and needs.
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    it's alot harder to make a cilindr an oval, think about it, it needs to be a straight, and think about it, if a cilinder is an oval it cannot be bored with a drill or honed with a hone, making it much harder and thus more expensive then to just increase it in two dimensions insted of just making it longer or wider, good ? though, i once wondered that as well
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    Actually, there are machines that can cut away the metal perfectly in an oval. But you'd best start off with an engine block that already has cylinders instead of starting with a solid hunk of iron or aluminum.

    You could either use an electronicly controlled machine, where all you do is put in the specs of how big the part is, how much you hafta cut, etc (sorta like a computer program) but those machines, especially since they'd have to be HUGE, would cost atleast half a million dollars. You could probably use a verticle mill (a manually controlled machine) to bore out the cylinders in a block to make them ovals but you wouldnt get as precise a cut and you'd need one HUGE verticle mill. So, its possible, but not efficient. But you then gotta remember, there's the problem of making the pistons for the block now.

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