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  1. So in europe theres a big scandal going on. Apperantly some companies have been selling products that contain beef with traces of horsemeat. And europe seems to think its wrong.

    I as a fanatici horsemeat eater laugh about this. Horsemeat is far more superior over cow meat. What do you think about horsemeat? Acceptable or not?
  2. when i hear the word horsemeat, i think pornographic thoughts. most of the time when the word horsaemeat gets thrown about, it's referencing the cock of the animal.
  3. Doesn't matter if you like horsemeat or not, don't you want transparency in your food industry. Even if you think horse is better than cow, why would you be OK with buying one type of meat and having traces of another, un-mentioned kind?
  4. and one big collective gasp fills the room....


  5. Yeah that is definately true. But people are also mad its meat of a horse. Like a horse is a pet or something.
  6. what if it was rat, or raccoon?
  7. Is Britain red fur devil who is mad mostly. Eating horse over there is a bit like eating dog in the rest of Europe maybe. Is cultural thing.

    Anyway, serves them right for buying "£1.99 special price" microwave lasagnes. Enjoy your caker kraft dinners with AIDS and bits of rat teeth.
  8. Thats a safety hazard. Horsemeat wont give you the plague and shit.
  9. And it makes a killer tartare
  10. w00t would you like some Kangaroo meat?
  11. I'm not w00t, but yes.
  12. Don't really like Kangaroo meat myself, don't blame people for eating it if they want to though.
    Can't imagine I'd like horse meat all that much. If it tasted good I figure more places would offer it.
  13. Ive had kangaroo meat. Thought it was ok. Nothing special though.
  14. When you buy meat you generally know where it's from and what it has been fed. How do you know where the horse came from, and how do you know it hasn't been fed things that are harmful to us
  15. That may be true, but you can say the same about any other meat like pig or chicken.
  16. Not really... I dunno where you buy your meat, but everything here says where it has been grown and what is had been fed.
  17. I usually buy my meat from the butcher. I dunno where the meat comes from or What its been fed. I just trust the butcher. Supermarket meat doesnt mention that either btw.
  18. This is not comparable to unknown horsemeat
  19. yeah i don't really care about eating horse. we have some types of salami here that consist of horsemeat amongst other things

    but one of the problems is that it can contain vaccines and other types of medical residues that can be harmful.

    anyway, this only makes me laugh long and hard at the idiots buying disgusting microwave lasagna and other bottom-barrel, ready-made foods. if you buy those things then you really can't be all uppity about the things you put in your body.
  20. Europeans are easily offended, and this is bullshit - its not like some people died or got a bacteria out of it.

    I'll say it clear and loud, STFU western Europe.
  22. dunno what this means, but I'm guessing you think I post for shock appeal and that it's become trite. however, I only say things that are my real feelings and so i don't see why I should edit that.

    mr dead at this guy.
  23. they sell it at my butcher , never had it though , guy says its like liver and pretty delicate to cook since there is very little fat.

    went up to the cottage this weekend got

    venison stew meat
    bison short ribs
    quail with cherry and wine sausage
    wild boar with curry and apple sausage
    wild boar bacon

    they sell a lot of exotic stuff there , had python and alligator , but I have never seen them stock horse meat ...
  24. i want to try snake and crocodile. never seen it being sold.
  25. Rattlesnake reminded me of frog - tastes similar to chicken, with a texture more like fish. Don't know that I've heard of crocodile being served in the US, but alligator isn't too uncommon in the South. I have yet to try it.

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