How are you?

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  1. How's it going pal?
  2. I dunno, I'm taking each day as it comes. It's hard right now.
  3. Getting any better yet? I suddenly remembered you
  4. oh for sure i'm better than before, but there are just a few kinks to work out
  5. So apparently I was put on an incredibly high dose of librium, where I was having this side effect that I felt like I was going to pass out whenever I made any sudden moves. My pharmacist also made a comment about it being a really high dosage as well as my psychologist; she said that she was surprised that I was even able to still walk. So I called my psychiatrist and he halved the dosage from 150mg a day to 75mg. I still have that side effect although it's not as bad as before, and it's still not working all that well like the other meds that I was on. I even asked him to take me off of benzodiazepines but guess what, his ass put me on another one (librium). I'm switching psychiatrists, and I'm also going to Mayo Clinic soon.
  6. yay, i just got a new psychiatrist!
  7. I had to call my psychiatrist becuase I started having anxiety attacks that got so bad that I would vomit. So now he added Thorazine. We'll see how this works out, I have an appointment in three days with him, and in six days with the new one.
  8. So the Thorazine is working fairly decently, and I'm being weened off of Librium because benzodiazepines just dont work for me.
  9. I LOVE YOU!
  10. Thorazine is meh. He added Adderall and Propranolol.
  11. *hugz*
  12. I'm gonna hug the crap out of you when i make my way over to chicago next year
  13. yay!
  14. I hope you get some good help in the next couple weeks. We're all here for you.
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    Thanks, and I'll finally be given the right meds because Mayo Clinic is on the cuting edge of medecine. And no wonder Thorazine is meh for anxiety, it's primary use is to treat schizophrenia -
  17. How has it been so far?
  18. Looks like your on Paroxetine.
  19. decent, I still feel really shitty but they're about to really tweak my meds so we'll see
  20. Nah, I'm on Prozac, which is very similar to Paxil since they're both SSRIs.
  21. Good to keep hearing from you. Do they like that you keep in contact with people outside of the clinic while you are in there?

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