How can u complain?

Discussion in '2000 Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept' started by Lngnfltr, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. I don't get it. Everyone says this thing looks ugly, and vipers suck for 100 grand, and blah blah blah. There are plenty of cars out there for more than 100g's that are a lot slower, and look worse(a matter of taste), and don't handle as good. Numbers.......................
    0-60 3.8
    topspeed 200mph
    G's atleast 1.1

    How can someone complain. I think some people are just mad that an american car is fast, and can HANDLE. Everyone says there are cars that go faster and crap, but it isn't just about speed. Certain cars make you feel badass, this is one, plus, hardly anyone has one. Thats the magic of a good ol' big block. yes, i have been in one. Not a GTS-R, but a GTS. Don't diss a car for where it's from, though i now hate most asian imports(the ones with 5in. mufflers atleast, of which i saw 10 today!), but like a car because it inspires you, and makes you feel good, and is fast.
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    o shut up
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    Its the nicest looking Viper out there (at least in my opinion). But ive heard that they cant handle worth shit and I would expect out of 8.3l V-10. Its the biggest engine out on the market and yet theres NA 5.0 liter engines that can put out just as much power.
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    uh guy this car can put out much more hp than it does right now so what the hell are you talking about. every car one earth can do better than it does in its original form. you cant expect it to come to at its highest level of performance. it would not be fun if every car came that way. if youre a real car enthusiasts, then you would like your car to come detuned then tune it yourself to see what it really do. please think before you say anything next time.
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    Plus this has way much more low end Torque that you cant compare because your tiny 5.0 cant match the torque of the 8.3. Thats what happens when you have the advantage of more displacement.

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