how do i filter disco

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  1. i have a lot of disco and i want to filter it
  2. do i have to wear a helmet
  3. try a net?
  4. Just find a membrane with holes slightly smaller than the disco, and it will catch them.
  5. polyester maybe
  6. these are all very good suggestions
  7. if your in a pinch try through a clean handkerchief
    it should get a lot of the impurities out
  8. its true, they will be irresistibly attracted to it
  9. The real question is why do you have a lot of disco?
  10. Cause nobody listens to techno, now let's go
  11. oh that question is really intruding my comfort zone
    it's mostly italo disco though
    or is that even worse
  12. i have so much italo disco you can start playing gta vice city and finish it hundred percent without hearing the same song twice
  13. Okay Slim Shady.
  14. love me some italo disco
  15. I always listened to VCPR. What am I missing?
  16. daft punk uses a cheese cloth
  17. you can win if you want
  18. best post ever
  19. I'm not done sorting this out yet, but this is a start

    edit: sentiment overload for citroensm I guess

    edit 2: it's obvious I'm not done yet going by all caps and cap/lowc that isn't consequent
  20. There are basically two kinds of disco music: w00t w00t and BBQ BBQ.
  21. link me to some 'wrong' early 80s spanish dance music please
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    I'm far from an expert in this area, but...



    Tino Casal

    Almodovar (the film director) and McNamara

    Dunno if this is what you're looking for... local bands those days were very popish...
  23. I think thats going into my signature.
  24. just delete it Moo, just delete it
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    Alaska is so awesome

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