How fast do these actually go?

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    You`re right, 11 lbs is no big deal.....

    The conversation was revolving around how heavy AWD makes the GTR N1...when in fact (when compared to the Z06) it isn`t heavy at all AND has AWD....
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    Yeah but to me I see more in a Z06 then a GTR N1...I mean in America aren't they practically 100k to get?
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    Around 60k, legalized.

    The Z06 has a little less power, a little less torque....but it`s American.

    Choose your pleasure....
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    Hey BoredUp,
    Since you're comparing the curb weight of a special edition Skyline to the weight of a regular edition Z06; it's only fair to compare the weight of an N1 to that of the Commemorative Edition Z06, which weighs 3,086lbs (still lighter than the N1). I know it's not a big difference but I noted that just to get the facts straight here. As far as I know, the N1's interior is completely stripped down with no radio, no leather, no CD player, and other refinements. The N1 is essentially an all out track car, which is terrible for daily driving. Since that's the case, I'd rather take a Commemorative Z06 but to each his own. If I had the option between an N1 and an Nur M-Spec, I'd most definitely take the M-Spec with its hand-stitched seats and plush interior simply because I wouldn't enjoy driving a track car everyday of the week. The good thing about the R34 M-Spec and the Z06 is that they both make great daily drivers; however I still believe the Z06 would have the performance edge in that comparison. The M-Spec without a doubt will have a nicer interior; however the 'Vette's interior isn't half as bad as people say. Aside from the room for interior improvement, the 'Vette has a reputation for being a great sports car that you can drive daily without much hassle. Anyway, aside from the GT-R vs. Z06 comparo, I was looking at prices of used R34 GT-Rs (Nurs, VspecIIs, M-Specs) and the prices I've seen seem inconsistent with what you have been saying for brand new GT-Rs. The site that I was looking at was for a British import company so the $25,000 conversion for California standards does not apply. The import fees alone I'm estimating will cost between $5,000-$10,000 (please correct me on this if I'm wrong) yet the cars are still more expensive than the $50-$60k you suggested. On their stock list, for example, they have a brand new 2002 GT-R M-spec for £62,500 (approx. $98,750), which is very pricey. I have also tried to look in their inventory for an N1 model; however, I had no such luck. Along with that website I tried to search the internet for information regarding the N1 edition Skyline; however, I could hardly find anything. Can you please link me a website that has information on the N1? If you only find a Japanese website for the N1, please post it anyway (I can read rudimentary Japanese and can interpret some Kanji).
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    Despite not having to pay compliance fees, importers in Europe typically charge twice the actual value of the vehicle.....and looking at your list just confirms this.....
    52k Pounds for a VspecII?

    When I get home, I'll scan a copy of a two year old used car book from when I was still in'll see a VspecII BACK THEN go for around 40k USD.

    As for the N1, although a number of comfort items were auto-delete, all the standard items on a normal VspecII were optional, and at no additional cost. Thus teams could buy them for their use, and enthusiasts could buy them for their use.....and the N1 was no worse as a daily driver than a standard car. More R32 N1's were sold as cars to be registered than not......

    As for leather....ONLY the M-spec was offered with leather. It was considered too heavy for standard GTR's...which is why it was never offered until the Mizuno spec.....

    For those into the really nasty, Nissan also produced the Group A R32. It managed to get into one N1 endurance race (under the CALSONIC team) and was promptly banned as it won by a HUGE margin. It is still however often seen exhibited about by Calsonic and many a model of it has been sold.

    There was a great site I found a few months ago that listed all the specs, including price on ALL the GTR's, including 400R, N1, Nur, and Group A. I'll look for it again....but it isn't easy on this computer as it doesn't have the components installed to view Kanji, hira/katakana..... I'll try again at home....
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    I have no idea why everybody thinks the mustang is invincible, and then they very same people spit on the F-Bodies. Mustangs may be good, but, every Mustang fan on this site is a total asshole. AmericanHp is a dick, Hoseman is a #$%#face and the petty ones are dumbasses who lie about the car's limits, say they burn Porsche GT1's on a regular basis with thier cars stock. I don't think your ever going to see a Porsche Gt1, much less burn one. These guys all seem like patriotic backwoods Hicks.
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    when have i said or implyed to mustang is invincible? when have i spid on F-bodies? when have i been an asshole? wait... when have i been a asshole here?
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    I don't believe he named you at all...
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    Hey LOSER (yes I'm being a Jacka$s just like you said I was) when in ANY OF MY POST did I ever say a stock mustang is invincible, or could beat a GT1...?!? Why don't you stop being a winey little b!tch.
    Also while I love the mustang I'll stand up for the F-bodies all day long, they where and still are great cars.
    Now, you called me and Hoseman (who isn't even around anymore) dicks and a$$faces...are you 8 years old? Please I don't know what you're trying to point out here really, your post has as many points as the Bears had last week (None if you don't watch football). Get the point...great now leave.
    Morons...(yes I'm talking to you again kid).

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    he said everybody that includes me
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    That was an atrocious misuse of the word, I had the impression that he didn't actually mean "everybody".
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    "every Mustang fan on this site is a total asshole" i am a mustang fan and i am on this site.
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    I know what he said, however I did not know you were a Mustang fan. You have to admit though, there are many Mustang fans out there who do give people a bad impression of the few decent Mustang fans out there, such as yourself.
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    This is exactly what I mean. You are a Jackass. You lie all the time about the Mustangs Stats, and I have proof. Many people Have proved you wrong on several occasions and you try to get your way out of it by being childish and insulting everybody. Infidel.[By the way, my thing #$%#ed up that's why my name is different. Also, The reason I think you are a Jackass hp is because I've been around long enough to know you are. I'm EAGLEF1, by the way. Remember me?]
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    Ohhh...that's all you had to say is that you are EagleF1...A TOTAL FREAKING MORON. You have proof where is it? Oh that's right you don't have any really, you're just mad because me and so many others proving you wrong and proving how much of a complete idiot you are again and again and again...Get a life kid.
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    Your Doing it again. Also, learn how to spell, and take a typing class. I have a feeling you really don't know anything about cars, and you bullshit to make people think you do. I'm no expert ethier, but you come across as a moron, HP. Again, stop being a child. How old are you anyway?
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    If anybody here remembers you they'll know who the real moron is kid...
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    16 or 17 I believe he claimed about 5 months ago.....
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    Yes, and he's also claimed to own a new Mustang GT, which is true? <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>~ I have no idea, but I do have my suspicions<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    When did I say that There you go again just making sh!t up...I'm guessing I'm as old as you are or just a little bit younger, but I don't know your age so I can't really say.
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    Go to the main forums and check out the American Cars forum. I just posted about 10 pics of my stang (and one of my brothers truck) in there, the name of the thread is "My waxed and super clean mustang".
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    More like your waxed and super crappy Mustang. You said you had a roush conversion and it was tuned. You are a liar. Why don't you tell me your age, really? I'm 15 going on 16 if you'd like to know. Why do you feel you must lie all the time? Do you think the lies are real? If the latter is your case, see a doctor.She/He will help you.
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    "More like your waxed and super crappy Mustang" wowee, thats a good one
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    Ok, so maybe you actually aren't 15, and actually do own one, I never doubted you.

    And perhaps he was just insinuating that you're feeble minded and childish.
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    It's stuff like this that makes you the moron that you are kid. Please show us all where I said I had a roush conversion and that it was tuned? Please, I dare you to. I'll give you my car if you can find it. You know why, because I never said it. I have always said that I owned a 2001 mustang GT, nothing more nothing less.
    Now one post I asked if Roush (or saleen) would take a car after it's already been bought through ford and do the conversion on it, but I never said that I owned one, please from now on stop looking like a retard, I know you're young and stupid, but for gods sake stop proving me right about you all the time.

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