How Ferrari spins (article/rant)

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  1. interesting, i did not know that.
  2. He does claim that the cars sound like Schumacher's F1 car. So in that case the car could have any number of different things done to it, less restrictive exhaust, hotter engine timing etc etc etc.
  3. Ferrari has always been up to shit like this. Many Ferrari fans will brag of their precious GTO winning the 1964 World GT Championship. But it was Shelby's Cobra Daytonas that dominated most of the series (and again in 1965). Ferrari was ONLY able to win the championship after Enzo had the last race of the year (which just happened to be taking place in Italy) canceled.

    Carroll Shelby was quoted as screaming "Next year, Ferrari's ass is mine!" after they were screwed out of the championship, and they destroyed the cheating Italians the following year.

    Ferrari has made some great cars, but the corporate culture and overall attitude of everything related to Ferrari is just sickening.
  4. it's amazing when someone who speaks english as a second language has a better grasp of it than an american
  5. lol ferrari fan spotted. sorry but porsche has actually been caught understating performance numbers on their modelswhile ferrari pretty much does the opposite because their cars are shittier and get owned by everything else including cheaper porsche models.

    cry some more
  6. I remember a US mag tested the 599 and in the article it wrote that when it came time for the performance test they were given a different 599.
  7. You know, I remember this too. It was one of the biggies, either C&D or R&T
  8. I love their cars, but I'm glad they are starting to get called on their bullshit.
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    This is why Ferrari spins
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    The 2011 GT-R would poop on all of them for 1/4th of the money.
  12. Poop out it's transmission maybe! LOL! - some idiot member.

  13. STFU FAGGOT HOMO POS MEMBER <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  14. I think you have a soft spot for this car because you know what it's like to be overweight.
  15. I'd still kill for a 456GT, however.
  16. ;_;
  17. hey there ferrari fan

    how about that Autoblid high speed test few years back (2008) when Ferrari brought team of engineers and bunch of trucks to make sure it didn't lose to SLR and Carrera GT

    also the top gear test track of FXX, ferrari had team of engineers due setup changes to make sure it performed up to its standards and yet the Zonda R last week crushed it

    have you noticed that if Ferrari is losing in F1 the first thing they do is whine and complain that other teams are cheating
  18. why kill for something thats cheap as hell these days
  19. I'd kill to have it maintained
  20. ls1 swap. get rid of that crappy italian engine for a real one
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    Wow, he's either lying, or a complete cock who doesn't actually know anything about cars.
  22. Chris Harris is one of the best automotive journalists. Just Because you don't share his view on a specific car, doesn't mean he is "a complete cock who doesn't actually know anything about cars".

    Have you read any of his other reviews?
  23. maybe hes a cock because his view is retarded?
  24. if you paid for the parts and to fly me out to Holland everytime it needed something done I wouldn't charge you for my labour.

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