How gay are you? Gay-O-Meter

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SLP CamaroSS, Sep 27, 2004.

  1. RG, youre name is Roger, too???

    Roger is 23% gay.. i acctually thought i was gayer then that.. i guess not cutting my hair makes me straighter then i thought.
  2. yep, indeed is :)
  3. maxim is 16% gay
  4. for a long time, i was sure i was the only one on the planet.
  5. 28%

    Open minded between the sheet, rarely show it on the streets.

    haha, thats funny.
  6. 13% There is no such thing as too straight!
  7. yes there is.
  8. so what you're saying is
  9. 66% Gay. (Big surprise there as I am.)

    "Careful you aren't gay cliche yet, but are well on your way. Bet all the girlie girls just adore you."
  10. Haha, I'm 46% gay.
  11. In Alabama. Haha.
  12. Yes in Alabama.
  13. do you get hassled a lot? Alabama seems like a potentially hostle place for gays.
  14. 25% gay but there were questions that i couldn't even answer.

    I never thought of being an indian or a cowboy.
  15. Not really. I mean it could be better, but for the most part people just mind their own business. But I do live in the bigger(more populated, urban if you want to call it that) area of Alabama.
  16. I am 23% gay, awesome.
  17. I've had sex with a guy, yes.
  18. Jim is 16% gay.
  19. And the current gayest members so far:

    66% bimmer
    46% Finger Eleven
    43% diablo roadster
    33% NB
    30% BOBITRON
    30% SLP Camaro SS
    28% 996 911 Turbo
    26% MooSquad
    25% R G
    25% rs4man
    23% CTR2Luva
    23% Scentless Apprentice
    23% stewacide
    23% xDRANOx
    16% BuickGNXkillsALL
    16% Porsche addict
    16% Robot Jim
    16% Unregistered
    13% 4 the man
    13% Blackface
    13% BowtielZBetter
    00% 944turbO
  20. Haha, yea the exact same thing with me. Thought it was gonna say I'm a huge queer, but then it turns out I'm 13%. Good enough for me.
  21. lol, ..I scored 40% gay. :nut

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