How good is Dan Ricciardo?

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  1. Last year I didn't rate him, but this year the guy is a gun. The fact that he is blowing Vettel away consistently now shows either Webber was complete rubbish in the later half of his career, or Vettel can only drive with ultra high downforce and blown diffusers. Either was, Ricciardo is proving to be a bloody good driver.
  2. It's clear that Webber was declining after 2010 as Vettel was rising. But a big part of it was the softer Pirelli tyres which didn't suit Webber at all.
    Anyways, yep, Daniel is doing a stellar job. Seb is bouncing back though, he's been unlucky the last two races.
  3. I agree Seb has been improving, but end of the day, today Dan trounced him again, had more underlying pace, made up 0.9seconds on his in lap and made overtakes where and when they counted. Seb spent half the race behind other cars, Ricciardo made his way through the pack, caught up to the back of him, then took him in the pits.
  4. The blown diffusers had a big effect on Vettel vs Webber.
    Redbull had a fantastic diffuser where there was an instantaneous substantial increase in rear downforce when applying the throttle.
    It was completely counter intuitive that once you are loosing the rear you apply more throttle to correct the slide. Vettel was very good at this whereas Webber could not adjust his style (maybe too old?) When blown diffusers were banned you'll notice Webber was actually quite even with Vettel for a few races but Redbull quickly adjusted.

    Anyway, Daniel is matching Vettel and only going to improve. I would rate Alonso/Hamilton above Vettel too.

    Anyone know where I can get torrent for last race?
  5. Not sure about the torrent, but if you're a regular fan of F1 you should head over to the General Chat forum where we have the guessing game / tipping comp.
  6. I am in the Channel 10 /Mercedes Benz fantasy F1, I am in the top 250 out of 35,000ish. I should really put some money down.
  7. Damn that's some good form. I should try that out next year.
  8. surprising that he is putting Vettel in his place, hope he keeps this pace the rest of the season. This kid has some serious potential.
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