How many g's can an lmp1 hit in a corner?

Discussion in 'Motorsports' started by maserati, Jul 29, 2008.

  1. I've looked around but I couldn't find this information. Infact, if it isn't much trouble, does anybody have a list of different types of race cars with how many lateral g-forces they can hit?
  2. I've gotta think it would be in the 2.8-3.0g range at its greatest.
  3. Doesn't it depend on the speed, or are LMP not that aero reliant?
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    Yeah, it definitely depends on the speed because, like you mentioned, LMP1 is greatly dependent on aerodynamics.

    I'd imagine that hitting 3gs would require cornering speeds of 120+ mph.

    Edit: I just found this data from 2004..."peak of 3G before Indy, and a sustained 2.8G through the Virages Porsche"
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    Good guess from you then!
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    so if it was 3 in 2004 probably almost 4 now
  7. That is a rash assumption.
  8. No, it's probably still around 3gs.
  9. I just sent a message to a few people I know that have driven them. I'll report back soon.
  10. If you watch the races some times they have an accelerometer on the screen. And it is usually around 2.5g-3g depending on the track, if there accelerometer is accurate.
  11. An Autocon crew member told me the highest they've measured in their Creation was 2.72G, but the top teams are pulling well over 3Gs
  12. I figured it would be over 3g's. Seemed kind of silly if an lmp1 car can be given competition from a Caparo T1. What is it that the Caparo has/doesn't have that gives it it's street legal status?
  13. I still think it's funny (tragic?) that people believe Caparo's claims.

    That car is an utter joke and I hope the entire project fails!
  14. you're silly, what reason do you have of doubting the caparo? it has been posting lap times that embarrass any other street car out there.

    if they can build it so it doesnt fall apart, it will continue to do so.
  15. Emissions compliance...
  16. That's it?
  17. Many low production cars are exempt from emissions compliance in many areas. They are exempt from lots of things.

    I'd say the major difference is that LMPs are built to a specific rulebook, the Caparo did not have these constraints.

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