How much is a McLaren F1 LM worth nowdays?

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    This is a n00b question, but I'm curious. I don't remember ever seeing one up for sale.

    Ferrari 250 GTO easily fetches over $35 million nowdays. I'm not sure if the F1 LM is worth this much today, but I'm pretty sure it is worth well into the 8-figure range.

    This McLaren F1 was sold for over $10 million.

    Based on this, my rough guess is a F1 LM is worth up to $25 million today.

    Any better guesses?
  2. It never raced so i doubt it
  3. But it is a tribute to the F1 GTR which had done exceptionally well in racing.
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  5. ROwan Atkinson sold his regular F1 for £8m (~$12m) recently, so I'd go with the above post that a real LM would be over $20m
  6. I'd guess about 18 to 21 million for a real LM. very well could be wrong but that'd be my best guess
  7. How many times did he crash and rebuilt his F1? Like twice?
  8. Twice I think. The most recent one detached the engine from the chassis. £900k insurance bill to put it back on the road, or something like that

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  10. The LM owned by a local guy cost him more than $20m and that was back in 2014.
  11. Did Hamilton not have some vager on getting one from Dennis for a Championship? Only a legend?
  12. I heard the deal was he had to get two with McLaren
  13. I think it was 3
  14. Either way, Me left before he could manage it

    Well, McLaren couldn't give him a competetive car - so they did him out of the deal

    depends which way you look at it
  15. Still, a good bet, legendary status.

    F1 LM is the 250LM of our time.
  16. All McLaren related questions can be answered by means of a peloton25 séance. Simply refer him by name 10 or 15 times in a thread, say McLaren f1 about the same number of times, and he's actually been known to appear.
  17. i doubt even ghosts or legends can find this place anymore...

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