How much is the new Nissan GTR going to be

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  2. not enough episodes on youtube ;_;
  3. How the #$%# are you getting a per capita income that's higher than the per capita GDP?
  4. For income they exclude people who don't work, and in per GDP they include them?
  5. world car...
  6. Australia has a tiny unemployment rate, it would make hardly any difference, even including kids and retirees.
  7. That'd have to be a pretty big portion of the population out of a job to go from the low 30K range up to the high 50K range. Like, almost 50%
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    We've got a low unemployment rate at the moment at 4.3% but a participation rate of only a little over 50%.

    Average incomes make sense with those numbers after you factor in GDP growth for the past few years.[email protected]/mf/6202.0/

    Edit: Unemployment rate is people registered as looking for a job so as to exclude children, the elderly etc.
  9. ^^^^^And there ya go. Asstralians don't like to work.
  10. It's kinda skewed by the fact there's an arseload of people retiring early (i.e. 55 instead of 65) which takes a huge chunk of babyboomers out of the working population.

    All the same - more people should work. Then I would either get greater returns on my tax or have to pay less of it!
  11. That's the breaks! I personally don't get people who stop working early. 65 is even pretty young with how long people are living now. Maybe my opinion will change when I'm an old fart, but I seriously couldn't deal with just sitting around wanking off all the time. Not to mention all the extra money you'd have for every extra year you worked.

    Ferrari at 65>>>>>>>>>>>350Z at 55
  12. I've heard that there are two levels of GTR that will be sold, one being the entry level which is estimated to go on sale for about $90,000 AU and the top of the range which will be asking around the $150,000 AU mark.
  13. i want to buy one in a few years.
  14. tickford 5400, outta no where.

  15. That's a huge pricing difference!

    You'd need to tick heaps of boxes to make it up - I can't think of what the $60k would buy you.
  16. I think in Japan there is the normal GTR and the special one with better tires, rims and in that one off silver colour. (This might be in AUS too)

    There is a V Spec on the way too though..
  17. Leather seats and cup holders. What else could it be?

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