how much is this $$$$???

Discussion in '1984 Ferrari 288 GTO' started by pkripper, Nov 18, 2002.

  1. Its gotta be over 200k. it seems rare and legendary
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    By today's standards you're looking at a range of $325,000 to $400,000. Mainly because they only built 272. The price is projected to rise as the years go by.... (as is the case with nearly ALL Ferraris).
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    True but God Damnit I want one!
    Now all I gotta do is win the lottery,wish me luck!
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    Damn straight,Ferrari rules!
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    i was luckey to ride in one of these its a beautiful car runs like a beautie and this is one the first supercar for the strets that ferrari built im sure its prety expensive
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    Now is app. 240.000 €uro...

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    i thought they only built 200 of these.
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    272 Actually. This figure came straight from the factory at Maranello...........or was it Modena? I can't quite remember. I also have a few written sources that confirm 272 as the actual number. Still rare as hell and worth the price!
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    It is rare and legendary. Today it goes for quite a deal of money... I've seen it for sale in the DuPont Registry for over $300k.
  10. I'll bet you could pay close to 400 in good enough condition, low mileage, etc
  11. ill tel ya......... A LOT$$!!
  12. I saw this beautiful peice of sculpted metal sat silent in a Ferrari dealership in Rome (back in 2007) going for 470,000 EUROS which, if it was still for sale, would be £394,000 roughly.

    I love this car, i haven't had the fortune of driving one but i have listened to soundtracks and videos of its engine sound and of it racing.

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