how much $ would one be now

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  1. even though they arent legal in my country(canada).how much would one of these set yah back.
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    That's a very good question! I'm not really sure how much would cost in Canadian money, but not cheap! I have seen a Porsches Magarzine from Japan, it shows up the price around $28,800,000 Yen! Only two hundred 959 in the world, it's rare and expensive!
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    i read in a magazine that there is a company importing them to the states. they put a new engine management system in it,so it passes the emmissions laws and gives it more hp.
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    28,800,000 Yen equals $359,787.54 Canadian dollars
    which equals $261,625.95 US dollars
  5. they are now legal in canada due to their age. just paying the taxes on bringing one in is #$%#ing rediculous.
  6. 3 millions $.
  7. I know that Jerry Seinfeld own a 700.000$ 959.

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