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  1. what makes someone smart in your opinion.

    Does getting good grades in school make someone smart or is a successful person in business smarter than someone who has academic knowledge.

    How would you determine how smart someone is?
  2. there are lots of type of intelligence which could then qualify someone as "smart" or not.

    The smart thing to do is not to qualify yourself as smart first.
  3. I want people who know how to think about things generally, rather than rely on their memorized knowledge of a certain
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  4. Thats pretty subjective.
    In general I would say someone is smart if they are living a relatively successful life.
    I don't mean just career wise. But in general.
    If you look at a 50 year old man. And he is single, drives a 500$ shit box car and can barely afford gas or a shitty studio apartment in the bad area of town. He probably is not a very smart person.
    But if that 50 year old man has a decent place, a decent car, some money saved up and is all around happy. He is probably fairly smart. All in how you look at things.

    I am not school smart. But I would say I am very street smart. I am very smart when it comes to construction and hunting.
    But I am a complete moron in most other topics.
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  5. Or he had some rich parents. I bet Paris Hilton has at least a few expensive cars and places but you wouldn't call her smart.
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  6. not sure now true this is, but paril Hilton has done better with the money her dad has given her than trump ever did with the money he was given.

    the vacuous airhead market is clearly more buoyant than property. Either that, or vacuous airheads are easily parted from their money.
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  7. I grew up as a "smart" kid, all As without ever having to try and blah blah, which is cool I guess, but it's turned me into a lazy slacker. Guess I was conditioned to know I could get by with zero or minimal effort throughout school, and it's been a ***** to break.
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  8. I usually rate people's intelligence by whether or not they understand my jokes and when I am being sarcastic. It's a pretty accurate way of finding out whether or not you are intellectually compatible.
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  9. True enough. But that's not what I said/meant.
    I said a decent car, decent place to live and some money saved up.
    Not a Rolls Royce and 32 million in a trust fund.
  10. Yeah, this.
  11. I would say smart people recognize the depth in intelligence, so smart people recognize how little they really know.

    If you could stay on SC in the old days and not get trolled into oblivion you were smart ... but not Vanilla Ice and NB smart ...
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  12. critical thinking and the ability to take in ideas, make connections, explain ideas
    like yh said as well, knowing HOW to think about things vs mere experience

    though we should all be aware of the dunning kruger effect, to which we are all susceptible
    Though it gets thrown around as a condescending persons version of calling someone stupid, it makes intuitive sense and I think we've all been victims to our own hubris at some point–Kruger_effect

    The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive incapacity, on the part of those with low ability, to recognize their ineptitude and evaluate their competence accurately. Their research also suggests corollaries: high-ability individuals may underestimate their relative competence and may erroneously assume that tasks which are easy for them are also easy for others.

    so basically people are too dumb to even know what they dont know

    “The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

    Charles Bukowski

    obviously my lack of confidence is because im too smart
  13. Ssssooo an Audi and 500k in a trust fund is somehow smarter? I don't follow.
  14. You're being pugnacious.
    I mean someone born of normal means and stature. Who's made a successful life for themselves. Not someone who was necessarily born into it. Though just because they were born into money doesn't mean they aren't smart
  15. diggs definition seems to also include qualities of discipline and motivation
    theres plenty of smart people who dont get off their asses to do things

    success is a complex thing, and luck has a ton to do with it
  16. I don't be knowing a gotdamn thing my guy
  17. Yes. I was looking at it as a bug picture thing. So yes motivation, discipline, work ethic. Quite a few different things.
    Pure intelligence doesn't necessarily make someone smart or successful in life.
  18. def not
    reading outliers showed me that

    success is a combination of the right (rare) qualities at the right time and a healthy dose of luck.

    not to downplay the personal responsibility part of that, or to say if you arent that person you shouldnt try
    it was a study of extremely successful people like bill gates
  19. Luck definitely plays a huge role in how successful you can be. But I think anybody who has the right qualities and works hard will be relatively successful.
    Luck Imo is more the difference between 150k a year and 1.5 mill. a year.
    Like they are probably very very similar guys/girls but one just got lucky and got a job with a company that grew faster than the other. Or met the right person and made the right connection. Where the other made it there purely on hard work.
    Doesn't make one smarter than the other, just luckier.
    But if you are that kind of person I really strongly feel like you will be successful in general.
  20. yes youre correct.

    big luck is only for the highest achievers
    any reg joe born without major setbacks (notice i didnt say reg jamal, so born white and not born to crackheads/mentally ill parents) has a great shot at relative above average success by working hard. add to the equation charisma, and you get that much more successful. add intelligence, and your probably looking at top 20% success

    add or take away different elements(family/social networks, good looks), add geographically unique opportunities/setbacks (silicon valley vs detroit) and there will be repricussions.

    i guess my point is beware of any wealthy person mentioning bootstraps
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  21. Well this raises a different point. I would much rather my kids be, or hire a person who, is disciplined and motivated but not particularly smart, than who is smart but not particularly disciplined or motivated.
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  22. Perhaps by being self reliant, savvy, forward thinking, self disciplined, responsible of your actions as well as to remember things that were taught to you by your parents as well as to be an opportunist when needed. Add to this as well as the ability to get in touch with the reality and never forget that none owes you anything and also the ability to never take anything for granted.
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  23. You can't really determine who's smart/intelligent and who isn't. Too many variables. I like people who ask themselves questions and look for answers. Why are some things the way they are? What is the source of this or that (knowledge, facts, beliefs, behaviors)?
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  24. I think it's critical thinking and application of knowledge, two things which aren't taught in our schools. That's why there are generations of people who don't know how to do anything.
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  25. a bunch of highly educated people are people who memorized a bunch of stuff for tests

    US schools need a major revamp.
    with the access to the internet we have today, what real value does the typical university education have, besides a certificate showing you did it?
    if the certificate is really the extent of it, not the goal of an educated and useful workforce, and it continues to start young adults off in a 5 figure hole, the bubble is going to pop
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