Hows a stock focus sound system?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by MyWickedCorolla, May 31, 2007.

  1. Im looking into a 2003ish svt focus and im just wondering how the sound system is? and if you could answer this too, how does the fuel consumption compare to a normal focus 3 door?
  2. fordracing lol
  3. Step 1: Find a 2003ish SVT Focus (preferably for sale)
    Step 2: Contact the owner of 2003ish SVT Focus, ask to look at car
    Step 3: Turn on radio
    Step 4: STFU
  4. I've never heard a single stock stereo system that truly made me happy. I don't consider myself to be an audiophile, but they're always lacking in some way. Even a lot of the eleventy-speaker premium sound systems don't really do it for me.

    Yeah, the volume might go up to fifty or whatever, but if it doesn't have terribly limited adjustments, then the speakers themselves are kinda junky, or there's not enough power to bring out the midbass, or the frequencies are extremely unbalanced.
  5. Or he can ask me.
  6. I can't imagine it's terribly good.
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    I have a 2002 SVT and if you're asking about the Audiophile upgrade with the 8" sub, it sounded good enough for me. The only problem I had with it was the reliability of the stereo but I'm sure me living in Arizona with ultra hot 110+ degree (fahrenheit) Summers had something to do with it. I eventually upgraded to a better head unit and a 10" sub which hasn't failed me yet but I've only had the head unit for about a week and a half. You won't be disappointed in the car overall, that's for sure.
  8. the audiophile system does a decent job from my experience with a test drive
  9. toniferrari is awesome
  10. What are the odds that said SVT owner's sound system is not stock?
  11. all stock stereo systems are horrid.
  12. fail. Audi's have glorious sound packages.
  13. No, they really are shit compared to even a mediocre aftermarket system. This is coming from a huge audi fanboy whos mom had an audi with premium sound which i was gloriously underwhelmed by.
  14. have you have a chance to hear the bang olufsen system for audi yet?
  15. I think so, but for what they charge you for it, you could probably get something that sounds 10x better.
  16. +
  17. maybe they don't want to #$%# with it, like 99% of the people that buy cars
  18. especially on the bugatti veyron
  19. Probably not. My pops an audiophile like woah, and he chose the A4 for two reasons: drive and sound.

    And no, after market sound systems are rarely better then the premium sound packages. If your idea of "better sound system" is a woofer that makes the windows shake, might as well /wrists now.
  20. I'm lol'ing because I remember phannos giant zebra covered sub box/boxes that took up the whole trunk of his Golf.
  21. That really didnt take up my whole trunk.

    My w7 does.

    And no, im not talking about the d00f. I like it because its kinda funny to me, and it turns heads/gets lulz. I know the difference between good SQ and d00f.

    A nice, 4 good speaker setup on a nice, clean amp will sound better than the stuff in the audi, and they wont charge you like 1500 bucks or whatever the #$%# for it.

    That being said, audis sound systems are by no means bad at all. they have pretty much the best on the market for common cars. a very simple aftermarket setup compared to everything else is like night and day though.

    also: The premium audio in my dads 996 was shit, as was the one in both vws weve owned, and the grand prix. Most premium audios are still far far behind even decent aftermarket.
  22. True. I was expecting better sound quality from Bose 10 speaker sound system in the altima (my brothers car). It was very dissappointing. Highs were muted, too much ~80hz-120hz, nothing below 50-60hz, and door rattle like woah. The one that kills me on every single stock sound system is the lack of left to right balance. You can only hear one speaker. Even cheap aftermarket stereos can make the other speakers stand out.
  23. No highs, No lows, must be bose!
  24. YA RLY!

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