HSV working on a $200,000 super monaro

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    They aren't reall ybetter, but he believes so. he doesn't have any info on why they are, well he might, but he hasn't posted any. I doubt Holden will make a super monaro, they probably won't sell enough to make a profit on it. But making it, could help sales in the less powerful monaro. Lots of people do buy a standard Commodore because of the HSV reputation.
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    HSV might make the super monaro...but not necessarily the $200,000 machine that has Ferrari like performance. I believe most people buy Commodores not for the fact that they are like HSV's but because they are cheap, look good, handle good, comfy, spacious, go hard and are practical. Now you can't argue with that.
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    No, not at all and Ford are also similar to that. i don't think the Au is ugly as lots of people say, but it doesn't look anywhere near as agressive as the VT/VX
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    I find very few cars to be ugly including the AU series...I wouldnt say ugly, just not good, although the AU T series looks okay in some aspects.
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    Yes, i did know that. They also use E-Classes as taxis in Germany. But that's not my point. I suggest you read my post again.

    My point is why spend $200k on a 2door Commodore, when you can have a better quality, faster, more comfortable, better handling car?
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    Well I don't see how you can speculate on how comfortable, fast, the quality and handling of a proposed $200K car that hasnt even had a prototype built.
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    Yeah maybe he has special powers and he can see in his mind what the people at HOloden are all thinking, then he can take a guess at what the finished product would be if they did it.....
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    Its really simple mate. You see your 100g HSV is only as good as the 28g executive its based on. You can only improve an average product so far and HSV do a great job. TWR who own HSV actually have worked on Aston Martins in the past, but the build quality cannot be compared.

    A top model benz or BMW will always ride better, handle better, brake better and perform better, it'll also last ten times longer. HSV do a great job with what they have, but for 200 g. They'd need a whole new platform developed in house. The Germans start from a better base.
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    How can you compare a 28K Executive with a 100K HSV?

    If a top model BMW handles and brakes and performs better why did the English journo's and Anders Oloffson say that the GTS did all of the previous better.

    How can you speculate on how long today's HSV's will last.
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    i think you missed the point. What i ment was that they can only be improved on the base model so much and the Germans start from a better breed.
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    I believe the power steering problem is fixed by fitting a power steering oil cooler.
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    **** off mate seriously. ALL car companies not just holden have problems with their cars, particularly first series models. And they all react the same world wide. How many car companies replace your car when something seriously wrong with it and repeatedly cant be fixed? None really, maybe a few odd here and there Holden did it to a VU ute in NZ. But your going on about how holden bends over its customers.

    Guess you haven't heard how BMW tried to shaft all their E46 M3 owners who's cars have blown motors due to a bearing problem. They weren't going to replace the motors and claimed "driver abuse". Pity now they've had to fix hundreds of them. And still treat their customers with distain.
    http://members.roadfly.org/jason/m3engines.htm interesting read if you ever got time.
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    I think its just a cost cutting thing keeping the price of the car down. I don't think there is anything wrong with the steering design, its one of those things, if you thrash it it will f**k up.
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    Yeah mate. I think you entirely missed the point. Your talking about a steering problem in a car thats sells over 70 000 units a year. Im talking about a car costing 140k + and is supposed to be one of the best 2 door coupes in the world built by a reputable firm. And at a cost of over 20 grand for a new engine it is a totally different thing. This is a known problem, that BMW has only just admitted.

    Personnally i'd be more pissed with BMW than Holden.
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    What does that have to do with it?
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    Did anyone see that HSV has released a 7 litre monaro that will be sold for about $200,000 at the sydney motorshow?
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    I can't believe I doubted these rumours. Should be pretty damn speedy.
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    HRT 427, Australia’s hopeful answer to the GT2 Porsche (we’ll have to see about that though.)
    Various people in the motoring industry believe it to be powered at 350kw to 400kw with a 7.0ltr engine.
    Now considering that is 1.3 litres larger than the LS1s I find that paying double the price to get a 33% max increase in power is quite honestly pathetic.
    Now, I don’t know if that is official but like it was said this car is aimed at GT2s and I don’t think 350 - 400kw is going to be good enough to go head to head with one of Germanys most elite performance vehicles.
    However, the stats are not official yet so this is all very speculative.
    If this car however punches out something in the low-mid 400s I think it will be very competent in combating the GT2, handling and characteristics are another chapter altogether.
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    It might be able to compete with the GT2 in a straight line, but as you said cornering is another matter. I think you would be better off modding a CV8 or HSV Coupe yourself than buying a car like the HRT 427.

    There is no way that HSV are gonna steal sales from Porsche either. If someone is looking for a prestige car like a porsche, then there is no way that they are gonna look at a Holden.
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    I was reading an article on the HRT 427 and it described its suspension as multi-link when it's just the same old trailing-arm with the toe control link (if they do actually make it I hope they ditch the nasty trailing-arm setup.)
    They did that with the SV300!
    Anyways, you're right in saying they wont affect Porsche's sales.
    But if they make it there is no reason not to buy it, it is a piece of Australian history and as only 50 will be made it will keep its price for a very long time. It may even increase, you never know (not likely however.)
    Look at the VL Group A (Walkinshaw) I think something like 750 were made (not sure, don’t quote me on this) but I think a genuine walki in good condition with all original parts would set you back around the $40k mark, not bad for a 16 year old vehicle!

    But bring speed and handling into it I’d work the CV8 or GTS coupe, if I had to stick with a Holden.
    By the way, New Falcon GT looks like a great car all round!
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    I wouldn't be willing to pay $80k for a HSV not alone $200k for a monaro that will probably disintergrate as soon as you try to turn it. Thats all that is needed to be said on this matter.
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    All that needs to be said is that you are a total asswipe when you say those ridiculous comments about Monaros disintegrating if they tried to turn corners.

    Oh and the expression is "yet alone" not "not alone"
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    Oh, i'm sorry for not using proper grammar in these forums, and it's not the first time u have commented on the way i type. The fact the i got to a Private school where i do "I.B.", do you know what that is, no i didn't think so, an international standard of Education, not the run of the mill Australian State certificate of Education. And with "disintergrating", it was a figure of speach, get over it.
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    Yes I am aware of IB - International Baccalaureat.

    Why are you even bring your IB up? It's irrelevant. And as for your figure of speech, it was meaningless.

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